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Update date: 2019-03-01
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After Caesarean birth how long OK shower? Very much now new mother is Caesarean birth, such word restores to rise the meeting is a few slower than normal natural labor, and need cultured is very much also, is paunch for instance postpartum how long OK shower?
Is the accurate mom of Caesarean birth general how long OK shower? After Caesarean birth cannot instantly because the cut after Caesarean birth is affected easily,shower basically is, and when shower, the punch of puerpera station appearance and water makes cut is affected particularly easily again.
Because this paunch is postpartum a few days had better not shower, summer is in commonly postpartum 1 week, be in 2 weeks in the winter inside, can inspect physical strength to restore a circumstance to bathe.
Actually puerpera family state of abroad is torn open without giving thought to not take out stitches, stick cut with post of an able to read aloud fluently, they are OK shower, wash change again. We are a bit more conservative, also be take out stitches later OK shower.
Once a young mother is in after Caesarean birth during confinement in childbirth, give the alleged and antiseptic theory of Western medicine, the height that thinks that he must hold the body is clean, bathe every day then, the result fell month of confinement after giving birth to a child is sick.
Still some people go another extreme, borrow the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s mouth, say the woman is postpartum a month cannot bathe, wash with respect to go to the bad.
But shower when water is warm want appropriate, and cannot exert oneself to do sth. rub cut, TV books and newspapers, want to notice time does not look too for a long time only, hind of take out stitches is OK, play computer to should be after full moon.
Because the body in confinement needs to rest and restore, and take care of the child even, very can tired, computer cross-eye eyeball is bad, still wait for full moon to play again later.
Dietary respect must notice much draft fruit, vegetable, much drink water, dizzy element is tie-in and reasonable, because activity of the puerpera in confinement is very few, cause constipation easily, this did not grow to blade is very dangerous for nice person.
The method of the shower after Caesarean birth and note
1, room temperature and water are warm
Should pay attention to “ winter to prevent cold, summerly sunstroke prevention, ” of age the root of fangfeng. Winter wants 36—38 degrees, summer is controlled 37 degrees. Summer is not had an insatiable desire for cool, in the winter also cannot too hot.
2, the hair is like to did not work after shower
Cannot plait knot, cannot wet hair falls asleep, starve or should not be after gorge bathe instantly. Hunger of the feeling after washing should have bit of thing.
3, the shower after Caesarean birth
The time that bathe shoulds not be too long, maintain temperature, the air inside the bathroom wants current, can shower, after bathing, want to wipe water in time, get dressed come out again.
4, if what Caesarean birth cut restores is fast
; can bathe after 2 weeks but the time that bathe shoulds not be too long, water is warm should not be too low, maintain temperature, the air inside the bathroom wants current, and can shower, cannot tub.
5, dripping wet of unfavorable kubla khah
After bathing, answer seasonable the body, the hair is wiped, the hair had better be wrapped with dry towel. Although bath hind has hot feeling all over, also cannot reveal the part in blast tuyere, or open air conditioning.
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