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Update date: 2019-04-02
Editor: A Tao

It what equipment pregnant eats is good that what equipment pregnant eats? Balanced compensatory body basically is between equipment pregnancy what need nutrition, reserve energy hits good a copy kept as a record, have pregnant female is about to complement in the round at this moment protein, vitamin, microelement, complement aptly especially folic acid, iron, calcic, zinc, iodine and vitamin B. It what that equipment pregnant eats is good that what that equipment pregnant eats?
1, grape
The grape contains sugar the volume is very high, especially dextrose can absorb cent of compensatory body candy quickly, and contain all sorts of amino acid, lecithin, vitamin to reach mineral wait for a variety of nutrition composition, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises the effect of blood, filling empty.
2, corn
Corn contains rich carbohydrate to be able to provide very high energy. So corn can help a woman complementary between equipment pregnancy capabilities, retain vigor.
3, black soya bean
Black soya bean has characteristic of high protein, low caloric, the lecithin that contains among them is the content in congener food is highest, and the different yellow ketone that contains a lot ofamong them can reduce cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, still have filling kidney be good at lienal effect.
4, yam
The medicinal material of yam since tradition is delicate feed capable person, yam nutrition value is very high, have be good at lienal the effect that raises spirit of the essence of beneficial of stomach, filling kidney, beneficial in filling, it is the necessary food between equipment pregnancy.
5, bright grandma
Bright grandma contains rich nutrition to be afraid need not say more, it can complement calcic qualitative, iron qualitative, zinc, these corporeal conduce enhance a constitution, the protein that abounds among them, fat is the very good origin of compensatory body nutrition character.
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