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Update date: 2019-02-22
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The turn of life why easy insomnia, many females that enter the turn of life appear easily insomnious problem, so female of the turn of life why Where is easy insomnia? Will introduce in detail for everybody next, the Morpheus that introduces female of the turn of life for everybody at the same time is no-no, everybody mights as well will look.
The turn of life why easy insomnia?
1, the person arrives middleaged, the pressure that assumes in society and family is greater and greater, the woman of a lot of the turn of life begins to become the economic pillar in the home, face each pressure, insomnia also arises subsequently.
2, stimulate reaction to go up from heart behoove in light of, the feminine patience of the turn of life is insufficient, yi Ji is offended, bring about insomnia easily also. The feminine ego of a lot of the turn of life can feel apparently, see the thing that gets be used to before, begin to nag now, cannot bear the sight of, after such mood comes into being, also can accentuate insomnious symptom.
3, the woman of the turn of life is nightly produce hectic fever, night sweat, dazed, heat to wake wait for a phenomenon, the influence Morpheus circumstance of very old also rate. Abrupt between perspire or be waked by heat, also threw into confusion originally Morpheus time, cause more easily originally more depressed or the favor mood with Morpheus not high quality is irratable, want to sleep, cannot sleep peacefully as a result of physiology reason however.
4, because estrogen decreases,the feminine insomnia of the turn of life exceeds 70% above is, endocrine change be caused by. Because estrogen decreases, ovarian function drops quickly, a lot of symptoms subsequently and come, the wife of the turn of life can appear palpitation, bosom is frowsty, anxious, depressed, easy excited, insomnia, memory drops wait for a symptom, be caused easily or aggravating insomnia.
Finally, the expert reminds, the feminine insomnia avoid by all means of the turn of life abuses sleeping pill, because take sleeping pill matter for a long time, easy generation dosage is depended on, make effective dose is close to toxic dosage more and more thereby. The feminine insomnia of the turn of life is caused by psychological element more, so psychotherapy to alleviating this kind of insomnia is very effective. The woman of the turn of life mights as well doctor of much advisory psychology, below the doctor’s help, alleviate insomnious symptom.
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