Teach you to understand true sex measure – beautiful description 100 divisions

Update date: 2019-02-25
Editor: Xiaodu

Teach you to understand true sex measure, sexual life is the necessary composition composition in daily life, still be activator of the emotive between the men and women at the same time, we see sexual whole process together below.

It is a contact above all.

The woman likes a man to feel feminine hand gently, when feeling a hand some are alluded, the heart that allows a woman ripples rise, want to let a man hold move, kiss in the arms to wear. If be when the hand that feels a woman, insecurity must quiver, or it is jumpy ground makes some of petty action, the woman won’t like, meet some be fed up with instead.

The 2nd pace, see the woman does not resist handclasp and suggestion.

The man entertains the wife into the bosom, the movement wants fast, should fierce, the woman likes a man to want her strongly most, holding in the arms closely next, show consideration for the body together, inseparable, this also is the sense that most woman needs. Caress at the same time, at the same time light tone delicate language is little not, also place of a few mature women looks forward to the man moans often, the woman knows the man threw affection, had begun to brew below. At this moment you can hold her in the arms more closely, mix the breast that the hand comes up against her innocently of purpose next pudenda, let her feel you.

The 3rd pace is a kiss.

The kiss should be heated up, should soft, should grow, should deep, should live, let a woman there is a feeling when the kiss, this is the man’s kongfu. Common tongue should touch her tongue ceaselessly in feminine mouth, speed, want to heat up kiss a period of time with the lip sometimes, turn sometimes the head, let kiss commutation angle, woman at this moment most meeting does not stand, the man can hold the woman of soft in the arms to sit, had better go up in the bed, can go up in sofa without the condition or anyplace. The kiss should continue, kiss so that feminine hand begins to extend bottom of Xiang Nan’s person continuously, the body is heated up hair is very hotly, clingy man, demonstrative woman sexual desire already very intense. When the man can take the advantage of a woman to did not resist force, begin feminine dress, the movement wants gentleness, do not stop, should not evaluate feminine dress more, it is better to be put at the back to say, otherwise feminine mood is affected.

The 4th pace, also be the one condition that allows feminine sprint.

The man ought not to take off trousers at this moment, allow the penis is bilging, continue to kiss at the same time, touch her breast at the same time with both hands at the same time. It is first gently fumble breast, come up all attention to apogee centrally entirely again next, also can erect over there the woman at this moment, the private parts that believes her already special wet.

The 5th pace, the man can begin to enter.

Besides general coital movement, what the woman likes most is to sit on man body, do face-to-face. Let feminine climax happen frequently, wave wave desire celestial being, at this moment the man does not provide a woman again, should hold the post of the penis all the time only comfortable, loosen ground sexual intercourse. Enter very good also; to entertaining a wife rear, the penis is inserted in inside better; is standing to put the penis, (Height should agree) after the woman such as; had a climax a few times, the man should begin to prepared to ejaculate.

Last pace, ejaculation.

This is when the woman is the most yearning, also be dead ” of feminine happiness “ when. When be shot finally, want to moan aloud, had better be the pet name that making a woman, let a woman feel he was about to release, at this moment the woman feels very contented, because she let a man be shot in her body, and so “ trashy ” , it is a woman actually dishy of happy man “ ! ”

Still have a kind of idea, when ejaculating namely, kiss with her, enter climax; to have idea of a kind of ejaculation additionally jointly, also be the openest, a the most exciting kind, moan aloud, the hand is touching feminine breast, when body of at one’s convenience resembles ejaculation, shake euqally next, do not restrain oneself, release energy to the top of one’s bent, such ejaculation will be very far, your woman very pleasure, through stimulating bosom, feminine uterus is more sensitive, when she can know the man ejaculates.

Woman at this moment if can talk, make the man’s pet name, perhaps moan, want to have rhythm, let a man pushing a woman to enter a climax. After sexual intercourse ends, the woman hopes the man is holding her in the arms to sleep commonly, she can stick clitoris position the man’s leg, hope man continues to touch breast, the woman that gets up the following day is certain special beauty, the man also is met alight.

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