Seminal emission is adolescent schoolboy’s common physiology phenomenon – beautiful description 100 divisions

Update date: 2019-02-27
Editor: Xiaodu

After adolescence begins, spermary produces sperm ceaselessly, the gland body such as prostate and spermatic gland, urethral ball gland produces secretion ceaselessly, should store inside body when certain amount, be about eduction comes. Consequently, seminal emission is phenomenon of a kind of physiology, almost the man of every adolescence can happen.

Our country boy produces seminal emission to be in roughly 15 years old or so, produce the age with the smallest seminal emission to be 11 years old at present, to 17 years old of around, the man of 95% has produced seminal emission, individual boy does not appear from beginning to end seminal emission, also not be unusual certainly. Married but live apart the cowboy of two ground, fail more for long to live sexual life, also may produce seminal emission phenomenon sometimes. The time of seminal emission interval, everybody accident is differ.

Although same individual, below different period or different condition, the accident that meantime lies between is different also, majority is every months of seminal emission one, 2, also have short to 3, 4 days, if it were not for is too frequent, it is normal. Frequent seminal emission may appear abdominal ache, spirit mouth of lack of power, tinnitus does depressed, whole body wait for a phenomenon, this should go to a hospital in time checking.

Seminal emission of a little single young person crosses frequency, advocate if cerebrum is right eroticism is too strong, concern; with frequent masturbation married person often because sex is intemperate be caused by. This needs to overcome the stimulation of certain sex, if pass to read hold up more to unplug work of sexual painting and calligraphy, movie and TV, between the men and women too intimate wait, also can produce seminal emission. Local physics stimulates an element, also can make seminal emission, if briefs is too close, bedding attrition. Want to prevent these ingredients as far as possible, in order to reduce seminal emission number.

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