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Article introduction

Man Y bine is smallish it is the fact that cannot alter, how is this good? Difficult, pose of which kinds of sexual intercourse does the man with Y shorter bine apply to? Small to slanting normally Y bine, want to say clear reason to them only, remove they are afraid of the misgive that can affect sexual life in the future, should solve thought problem. The sexual organ is smallish person can adopt posture of the following kinds of sexual intercourse:

Type of inflectional, tall waist makes love

The degree that these two kinds of means can make the sexual organ is united in wedlock deepens a female to increase delight, make the male decreases self-abased. In coital process, the female lies on her back favour sb double leg, the male crouchs slightly stretch double leg to be between two legs of the female, holding the female’s waist in the arms with both hands.

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