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There is green jade in what became famous quite in green tea Dragon Well tea of camellia of eyebrow of snail spring, high mountain, west lake believes in relief Mao Jian and Huang Shan Mao Feng, these a few kinds are the famouser tea in green tea. What is a lot of people can ask the best tea in green tea, the respecting in green tea is actually best can not speak out a kind, because of tea rather he is not identical is, come to tea graded according to its producing area, time and breed, because this green tea has the branch of grade only,do not exist best which kind of.

 Best green tea is what tea

1. greens jade the character characteristic of snail spring: All alone is fine, curly into snail, all over the body wraps around fine long hair, silvery white emerald green concealed, aroma is full-bodied, flavor delicacy is mellow, gan Hou, soup color is dark green and clear, foliaceous copy is pale green and bright, have one tender (bud-leaf is tender) 3 delicacy (color, sweet, flavour) say, it is the curiosa in our country well-known tea, with ” form is beautiful, scenery is gorgeous, sweet thick, taste is pure ” and famed China and foreign countries.

2. highs eyebrow camellia leaf has flat, smooth, slippery, straight, pointed characteristic, the aroma faint scent of bubble is fragrant, colour and lustre is pale green fat profit, shang Se is pale green and bright, mellow quietly elegant of mouthfeel Qing Dynasty, foliaceous copy is pale green and even.

The character characteristic of Dragon Well tea of 3. west lake: Tea of Dragon Well tea with ” color is emerald green, sweet-scented, flavour pleasant, form is beautiful ” 4 absolutely celebrated at the world, element has ” country tea ” say. Bowl of be similar in shape of finished product tea is nailed, light is compressed straight, color is emerald green summary Huang Cheng ” unpolished rice color ” , flavor pleasant bright alcohol and, aroma grace is high-definition, shang Sebi green Qing Ying, tender Cheng Duo of foliaceous ins and outs.

 Best green tea is what tea

4. believes in relief Mao Jian to weigh Yu Maofeng again, one of 10 big well-known tea of Chinese, henan saves one of famous special local product. The Mao Jian that believe this world is had ” fine, round, smooth, straight, much Bai Hao, sweet tall, flavour thick, Shang Se is green ” distinctive color, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid satisfy one’s thirst, Qing Xinming is eye, life-giving wake head, go disappear of be bored with is fed wait for a variety of effect. Won golden qualitative award together with Guizhou Maotai on Panama world exposition 1915, believed brand of in relief Mao Jian to play national appraise through comparison 1990, obtain green tea integrated character the first.

 Best green tea is what tea

Characteristic of character of peak of wool of 4. Huang Shan: Can of peak of wool of fancy Huang Shan calls our country Mao Feng’s highest grade, tongue of sparrow of its be similar in shape, divide evenly Qi Zhuang is solid, peak fine long hair is shown, color is like ivory, yu Xiejin is yellow, aroma faint scent grows high, soup color is clear and bright, flavor delicacy is mellow, full-bodied, answer pleasant, foliaceous copy tender Huang Chengduo. “Gold piece ” and ” ivory color ” the two big features that are yellow Shan Maofeng.

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