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Mention gallinaceous wing, everybody can think of the cate of make it of wing of a lot of chicken certainly, these cate taste mouthfeel is first-rate, flavour is various, taking wing of a few chicken appropriately have profit, can complement for instance collagen albumen, have enhance the effect such as appetite, but the healthy problem that everybody should note to eat chicken, avian flu is contagion of everybody’s more familiar a kind of family, so whether can refrigerant chicken wing eat avian flu?

Can refrigerant chicken wing eat avian flu?

Can refrigerant chicken wing eat avian flu?

Possible. Everybody is not eating, because this is infected,did not go up of avian flu. Catching avian flu is to should have epidemic situation, 2 it is to have epidemic situation time, be engaged in birds kind breed, the sale, butcher, person that process trade; Such circumstance just can catch avian flu likely. And even if contains avian flu virus to do ripe eat also won’t of go to the bad. Because of virus not heat-resisting.

Gallinaceous wing contains a lot ofrich collagen albumen, it is to contain the food with adipose less analogy, many females like to eat very much. But also somebody is bemused, can gallinaceous wing take during avian flu? About, can avian flu take gallinaceous wing? Can gallinaceous wing take during avian flu? Will be solve one by one!

Can refrigerant chicken wing eat avian flu?

Avian flu can eat chicken wing

Avian flu can not take gallinaceous wing. In this avian flu sensitive period, a lot of people abandoned eating the meat kind, especially chicken. Actually also need not so slashing oneself. Not be to eat chicken to be met the avian flu on infection. The chicken that should buy only is healthy, poisonous without feeling catch a disease, it is to be able to be at ease of edible, nevertheless for safe for the purpose of, must thoroughly cook the flesh boil just can eat fully.

Chicken can eat during avian flu wing

Gallinaceous wing cannot take during avian flu. If be healthy vivid chicken basic be safety, but if be ill chicken,have risk. WHO warning says, no matter the person contacts what kind of ill chicken to have risk likewise. The fowl of a few catch a disease can survive, but they are in at least 10 the excrement and urine that contains virus still can be excreted in the day. Additional, gallinaceous wing hides avian flu virus likely, so, chicken may cause virus to release when wing beat.

Can refrigerant chicken wing eat avian flu?

The nutrient value of gallinaceous wing has what

1, although do not have how many flesh,look, and not how old value, but in cartilage or bone, the union that can absorb animal glue is organized, it is to contain what become collagen and stretch albumen in great quantities, reach to hemal, skin splanchnic have the effect quite.

2, the place inside wing contains many vitamin A, yuan Chao crosses green pepper. To eyesight, grow, of epithelial tissue and skeletal development, spermatozoon generate and fetal growth development is indispensible.

The chicken that how chooses health wing

The cortical colour and lustre of fresh chicken wing shines in vain or show cream-colored, and be full of burnish, content remain wool reachs Mao Gen, the flesh is full of flexibility character, have a kind of special chicken little taste.

Of gallinaceous wing store the method has what

Gallinaceous wing is in the flesh kind easier metamorphism is in food, freezer should be put immediately after be being bought so in, can be in a little a few later when or the following day edible. The gallinaceous wing that leave besides can be saved with refrigerant method, also can mature gallinaceous wing treatment, with last velar package is nice, reentry goes refrigerant or cold storage is saved.

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