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In daily life, somebody of classics regular meeting appears lienal kidney the circumstance of two empty, this meeting causes very great harm, can bring about facial hair to fizzle out for instance, still can appear the body is tired etc, be aimed at this problem, the patient can stew chicken broth to eat more at ordinary times, the chicken broth that stew when can join a few Chinese traditional medicine, such recuperation effects will be better, but a lot of youths still won’t stew chicken broth now, so does chicken need not to need scald water before stew?

Does chicken broth need scald water?

Does chicken broth need scald water?

After entering the autumn, weather becomes drier and drier gradually, and this moment is when irascibility is the most exuberant among a year, and a lot of person feels this time inappetence, say to must go up to add an attention more in food at that time so, drink a few nourishing boiling water more kind, respecting soup kind what everybody may think of above all is soup of Yang Shang, chop etc, small today making up what share with everybody is a kind of chicken broth, and a kind of food that chicken dispute normal temperature mixes, although eat,get again much not easy also suffer from excessive internal heat, and it is returned can rise be good at lienal appetizing effect, suit Qiu Dong season to eat especially, return the effect that can have drive cold heat preservation.

Does chicken broth need scald water?

The practice in the chicken in daily life is varied, and a lot of person likes come to chicken have culinary art apart, e.g. fried chicken willow, fried chicken platoon, gallinaceous ham is waited a moment. In daily life, feel Bao soup is most a kind of practice of nutrition, can hold former juice raw ingredient of chicken so, and also can decrease battalion nurturance is divided among chicken by prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, when nevertheless a lot of person is stewing it, like to enter the water chicken scald normally. Next again will all in feeding material and chicken to be thrown into boiler together, it is OK to such good stewing leave eat, the chicken broth that does not cross such stewing to come out often can appear the phenomenon of raw meat or fish of the hair that send bavin, but some people stew the chicken broth that come out exceedingly delicious however, so the chicken broth that stew when should want Xian Chao water after all? Actually a lot of person got this one pace wrong, small today make up will be shared with everybody, how to make delicate nutrient chicken broth, and without a bit fishy smell.

Does chicken broth need scald water?

Before wanting to leave chicken boiler above all, clean clean with cold water, want to leave chicken cold water boiler next, boil together with chop next, on a few Jiang Pian and cooking wine can be added between this process, the fragrance among so OK and effective purify chicken, after conflagration is boiled, be chicken fish out next in cold water rinse a few times. Additionally one kind of method is first chicken after chop is agglomerate, next scald water. Right amount oil is put in boiler, after burning oil heat next, in crossing scald the chicken of water to be put in oil, break up fry, fry next to two maturity later, put in stewpan to stew again. The one part fishy smell among such OK also and effective purify chicken, and pass such chicken broth that do are grandma white, have appetite very much.

When if be in,doing chicken broth, add before last area these a few kinds of measure, chicken broth won’t have unpleasant fishy smell, and mouthfeel will be better, and be in stew when still can impose on a few burden, e.g. corn wax gourd, the turnip is waited a moment, everybody can undertake choosing according to his be fond of.

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