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Dandelion is the plant that roadside classics regular meeting grows, small when the meeting after complete airing takes the dandelion such as our to play, whiff resembles is a small parachute, fly in sky the meeting is very good-looking, actually dandelion besides can take amuse oneself to still can be used as medicine, dandelion plucks make tea is used after coming down, bao soup, mouthfeel is very pretty good, among them fresh dandelion dips in sauce has taste pretty good also, so, about how to do boiling water at dandelion, what to taste delicious method has?

The practice of dandelion Bao soup

How does dandelion do Shang Hao to eat

Dandelion, belong to vivacious herb for the composite family, medicine is fed hold concurrently with, can eat raw, fry feed, do soup, boil in water for a while to mix etc, taste not only delicious, and nutrition is rich. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, dandelion sex flavour is bitter, pleasant, cold, enter classics of liver, stomach, carbuncle of detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty, disappear comes loose knot, benefit is wet retreat yellow, drench acetanilide result.

Edible dandelion, had better choose to be in 45 months of early spring, collect before blossom below, the clear in those days fire, antiphlogistic, effect that fights cancer is optimal.

Eat raw dandelion leaf of fresh and tender bine washs clean, drop doing to dip in sauce, somewhat acrid, flavour is delicious mouth of faint scent Ju Shuang.

The dandelion with abluent cold and dressed with sause uses boiling water scald 1 minute, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, reoccupy cold boiled water rushs. Assist wait with chili oil, gourmet powder, salt, balm, vinegar, mashed garlic, also can mix according to him taste flavour of become a common practice the cole of each different.

After doing stuffing to wash leaf of dandelion tender bine clean Shui Chao, grasp a bit, chop, add condiments to be moved into stuffing (also can add the meat) bag dumpling or steamed stuffed bun.

The soup that boil boils congee to reduce dandelion acrid, when edible but 5 ~ will be boiled 8 minutes in boiled water or brine after its are abluent, next bubble counts a hour in water, will acrid soak is rinsed clean, boil boiling water again or boil congee.

Dandelion tea is dry dandelion 75 grams, water 1000 milliliter, dandelion abluent, put into boiler, the adj/LIT wide that add water crosses dandelion, the boiler on conflagration boil rear cover is built, small fire infusion 1 hour, filter defoliate broken bits, wait for cool hind can drinkable.

The practice of dandelion Bao soup

Dandelion congee dandelion 30 grams, rice 100 grams, boil congee, but clear hot detoxify, detumescence comes loose knot.

Dandelion of soup of red jujube of dandelion capillary artemisia 50 grams, capillary artemisia 50 grams, big jujube 10, white sugar 50 grams, make soup, medicable acute is icteric model hepatitis.

Dandelion of soup of dandelion the root of balloonflower 60 grams, the root of balloonflower 10 grams, white sugar a few, a decoct becomes liquid, have certain curative effect to ulcer.

Dandelion of dandelion corn soup 60 grams, corn pistil 60 grams, add water to condense to decoct is taken or take the place of tea drink, use at treating heat to drench, pee short bare.

Dandelion fries shredded meat pork 100 grams, dandelion bright leaf or beautiful bine 250 grams. dandelion Xian Xie or beautiful bine go miscellaneous abluent, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, cut paragraph. Pork is abluent cut into shreds. Oily boiler burns heat, next shredded meat stir-fry before stewing are fried, join Gorgon euryale juice to fry to when the flesh is ripe, bright leaf or beautiful bine fry devoted dandelion to tasty, outfit giving boiler dish become namely. Dandelion has clear hot detoxify, diuresis to come loose the effect of the knot. Pork has the effect that this world of embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, beneficial in filling enrages.

The practice of dandelion Bao soup

Dandelion dietotherapy value is uncommon, but want to notice, outside deficiency of yang avoid of weak of empty of cold, taste is used, and dosage shoulds not be too big, send delay have diarrhoea easily greatly too.

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