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This is times of a snack, people always is not beautiful time of be willing to part with or use comes oneself make cate, prefer to eat various quick meal so, the biggest gain tastes convenient and quick namely, the people with busier job, can buy at ordinary times a few handy case will be put in the home, next oneself are made a few handy, can take go going to work, perhaps go out when travelling, also can take, learn below a few simple good those who do is handy.

What does encyclopedia of simple and easy and easy way have?

Is the zone convenient it what food make is good to what food make?

Fabaceous Chi dace burns aubergine, feed capable person: Aubergine, colour any of several hot spice plants. Usually, it is good that the aubergine that passes with deepfry compares what pass with Shui Chao to want certainly eat, want aubergine little oiliness, the method that uses flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil also can be accomplished, that should hold good duration namely, and the dot entering boiler when scamper is made, the time length that makes with scamper is concerned, what the size of boiler and oil use when scamper aubergine even is bounteous spending is concerned.

What does encyclopedia of simple and easy and easy way have?

Holand beans fries corn bamboo shoot, feed capable person: Holand beans, corn bamboo shoot, red turnip. Holand beans is qualitative tender faint scent, mouthfeel is good, nutrition is rich, metabolic to enhancing human body function has very main effect, have defer function of health care of anile, hairdressing, because this calculates Holand beans the legume vegetable compared with other is expensive go up severalfold.

Cucumber dried bean milk cream in tight rolls mixes pine benevolence little stomach, feed capable person: Cucumber, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, banger. Cole of delicate and goluptious go with rice oh!

Bean curd of the daily life of a family, feed capable person: Bean curd. Bean curd nutrition is rich, its nutrient value and milk close, to not be able to bear or endure because of lactose disease and cannot drink bovine milk, or do not eat fleshy birds to control chronic kind the person, bean curd is best substitute, color of bean curd of this the daily life of a family is rich, mouthfeel Xian Xiang, the way is very simple still.

What does encyclopedia of simple and easy and easy way have?

Bitter dish mixes bean curd, feed capable person: Suffer from dish, bean curd. Suffer from dish, it is a kind of medicine is fed hold provided avirulent wild plant concurrently. Contain a lot ofC of carotene, vitamin, Potassium, calcic, magnesian, phosphor, natrium, iron, wait for an element. Sexual flavour is cold, suffering, smooth, avirulent, . Bitter dish not only can eat, and still can treat a disease. It is OK that pathology considers to make clear bitter dish (1) prevention and cure is anaemic, disappear heat health care. (2) clear heat is alexipharmic, antiseptic and antiphlogistic. (3) cancer of prevention and cure.

Scamper element a round mass of food, feed capable person: Bai Luobo, flour, egg, green, ginger. A round mass of food of this kind of element, without the flesh, very simple stuff, very delicious however.

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