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Article introduction

Chaffy dish is we prefer method of eating a kind of food, the practice of chaffy dish also is exceedingly much, a few dish of need are tasted more also, e.g. the flesh kind can instant-boiled mutton piece, can rinse fertilizer is arrogant, OK also rinse chop or rinse fish is waited a moment. And greengrocery also is rife, still include a few bean products additionally, include bolus of a few fish to wait a moment, anyhow its practice is exceedingly much, we will understand the content of this respect simply.

The practice that chaffy dish dish tastes

The practice that chaffy dish dish tastes

With makings

Advocate makings: Potato chips right amount, bean curd piece right amount, potato pink right amount, skin of soya-bean milk a round mass of food of right amount, chaffy dish is right amount, smooth stay of proceedings right amount, yam piece right amount, Chinese cabbage sesame paste is right amount, right amount

Complementary makings: Salt is right amount right amount Jiang Kuo measures chopped green onion aniseed two

Chaffy dish dish practice

1. fries boiler to put oil, add green ginger aniseed, explode sweet, put yam of be buried beans and lotus root to wait first bad to feed capable person soundly, fry a little while

2. adds all sorts of pill, continue break up fry

3. joins smooth stay of proceedings, continue break up fry

The practice that chaffy dish dish tastes

4. joins noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch and fabaceous skin to continue to break up fry, sesame paste of water mix up is used during, the bean curd after mix up piece in putting bowl, fry a little while a bit, give boiler, irrigate the sesame paste that has mixed finally above dish can


1. ox liver: Bovine liver avoid and aunt fish together edible; shoulds not be as much as content of vitamin C, anticoagulant, Zun Xuan cling to, actor falls the medicaments such as spirit and benzene second hydrazine is fed together.

2. beef (thin) : Beef is unfavorable feed together with Chinese chestnut, river snail, brown sugar, leek, liquor, pork.

3. has chaffy dish is rinse flesh more, and the flesh kind often catch arched bug. Rate of arched bug infection is made an appointment with in Yang Qun 60% , the pig is made an appointment with 20% , niu Wei 14% . Arched bug often hides to suffer in this kind in the animal muscle of infection, the short time of chaffy dish is added lukewarm can not eliminate its, after pregnant woman takes food, can bring about abortion, stillborn foetus or monster.

4. eats seafood chaffy dish to should not be drink beer.

Pregnant woman had better choose to have chaffy dish in the home, can control the flavour that soup expects not only so, not be hot as far as possible or flavour stimulates too too, and also can ensure alimental is wholesome, of course it is good to darling that pregnant woman has chaffy dish less.

The practice that chaffy dish dish tastes

Although chaffy dish is delicious, but sanitation should notice when having chaffy dish, pay attention to science. Should notice to choose material is new, lest produce bromatoxism. 2 should master good duration, if food grows too in the time that burns in boiler, can bring about nutrient composition to damage, if differ,lose little taste; duration is burned eat, easy cause enteron disease. In addition, should notice not to roll soup to eat, iron the mucous membrane of cut antrum and esophagus easily otherwise.

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