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Leek is the commonner vegetable in a kind of life, to male people it is had more exceed powerful Zhuangyang effect. If grow every day as the age, the sexual ability that discovers oneself some become poor, can eat Lai Zhuangyang of a few leek appropriately. Of course, leek still has effect of other preserve one’s health, so from alimental acid-base value for, is leek alkalescent food or acidity food after all?

Is leek belongs to acidity still alkalescent?

Will tell from sex of alimental soda acid, leek is belonged to alkalescent. Leek is first-rate Zhuang Yang food. The Zhuang Yang that says here, it is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s view, not be the sort of advertisement that chaos of full now world flies to ” Zhuang Yang ” : ) that is to say, it can promote the in relief spirit of human body admirably, additional fine blood. In relief gas is human body is essential, inadequacy of in relief gas is easy and frail, produce such as then inferior healthy, or disease. No matter like,eat leek so, had better want to take a place more.

Is leek belongs to acidity still alkalescent?

Leek is provided be good at stomach, life-giving, stop sweat astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating, filling kidney helps the effect such as essence of in relief, solid, the Yang Cao since the name. Laborious of leek root flavour,

Wen Zhongkai stomach, travel enrages invigorate the circulation of blood, filling kidney to help this world, medicinal powder the effect of Yu. Pleasant of leek leaf flavour, laborious, salty, the gender is lukewarm, enter classics of liver, stomach, kidney. Wen Zhonghang is angry, medicinal powder Yu is alexipharmic. Laborious of leek seed flavour, salty, sex is lukewarm, enter classics of liver, kidney. Filling liver kidney, warm waist genu, essence of Zhuang Yang solid. Complete leek can fill kidney beneficial stomach, fill lobar air, medicinal powder Yu travel sluggish, install the five internal organs, enrage blood all right, stop sweat astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating, do hiccup. Advocate genu of cold heat of the empty in painful, stomach, have loose bowels, white chaotic, amenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, waist is painful in treating impotent, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, much make water, abdomen wait for disease with flooding.

Is leek belongs to acidity still alkalescent?

1.The crowd; such as constitution of postpartum and appropriate constipation, galactic insufficient female, cold sex

2.Constipation person the proposal eats more, because leek contains many prandial fiber, can improve alvine line, embellish bowel is aperient.

3.If take much word, can bring about slight diarrhoea.

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