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Grapefruit this kind of fruit tastes exceedingly delicious not only, and still have very high nutrition value, nevertheless everybody is paring grapefruit when, can find exceeding trouble, still meet even exceedingly laborious, grapefruit skin is very thick, very difficult one-time pare clean, this kind of circumstance still can affect edible mood of everybody even, master actually had mastered pare the law can avoid this circumstance to happen correctly, so of grapefruit pare what the law is correctly?

Of grapefruit pare what the law is correctly

The first, of grapefruit pare what the law is correctly? Above all, we put grapefruit horizontal stroke, delimit on two rounds in the place among grapefruit with the knife, the attention is two, the two distances to nick had better be 1 centimeter left and right sides, when delimit, do not want forcibly too big, can hurt pulp otherwise. Such bad. After delimiting, use chopstick, come down gashed grapefruit skin lane, should take care a few, or can hurt in one’s hand, such grapefruit had the break that a 1 centimeter controls with respect to the place of the inter, the measure below with respect to easy to handle.

Of grapefruit pare what the law is correctly

The 2nd, be in gashed place, dig a skin with ladle, extend ladle from crannied place go in, turn next of the circle dig circuit, ordinal slowly follow-up, such can denude came to a very relaxed grapefruit skin. Handling one Duan Zhi hind, handle another paragraph then, same method. Such have more than is needed how long time, can pare grapefruit thoroughly came out. Tell everybody a little secret additionally, when buying grapefruit, should as far as possible choose those skins thin and round grapefruit, because such grapefruit is relative melting juicily.

Of grapefruit pare what the law is correctly

Of grapefruit pare what the law is correctly? Should prepare us to pare the tool of hearts grapefruit, need has placed grapefruit first here, need a knife next, a chopping block, still need a plastic bowl, with the hearts grapefruit that will install denude to come. Use the uppermost skin hearts grapefruit direct cut away, cut just look reach pulp is OK, ordinal be no good cut a few times more, next same hearts grapefruit most the skin of lower part also cut away. Grapefruit of cut away hearts most upper part and most after the Pi Zhi of lower part, had placed grapefruit, along hearts grapefruit all round, begin to cut grapefruit the skin all around, here wants to notice, what the skin all around should cut grapefruit is a bit thinner, convenient from the back pare grapefruit. After cutting the skin of hearts grapefruit periphery, had placed grapefruit sidewards, along the intermediate transversely of hearts grapefruit, it is hearts grapefruit transversely two half.

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