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In daily life pollen is to belong to provision of commonner a kind of preserve one’s health, contain many nutrient element among them, still have a variety of microelement, can be opposite via often be being taken raise to hairdressing since the body colour action, and still can improve body disease, raise body immunity force to wait, and take pollen to also need to notice usage dosage, unfavorable dosage is overmuch, can produce certain side effect to the body, one day takes 5-8 between the gram can.

How much does pollen eat one day appropriate

How much does pollen eat one day appropriate?

Edible method: The pollen bee pollen below microscope is health care of a kind of natural nutrition is tasted, can not enter the mouth directly via treatment edible, can raise composition in order to prevent certain battalion to cause artificial loss in machining a process so. New purchased pure bee pollen, the course disinfects sterilization (the family can use alcohol) hind the keep in storage in stocking refrigerator, if already sterilization is treated can avoid, use according to needing to be taken by the quantity at ordinary times. Usable warm boiled water sends when edible take, also cocoa entrance is fine fine mastication, perhaps be together mixture agitate of bee pollen and honey edible, the daily pollen that take bee 2, take when morning and evening is hollow commonly optimal, if anteprandial the stomach after taking bee pollen has sick feeling, can change to take; to also can become bee pollen mill powder inside hour of meal second half, the quantity is pressed when using with water take medicine with water, all can get satisfactory result.

Edible dosage:

The dose of bee pollen should the constitutional state of the person that the basis is taken and those who take an aim is different and different. Below normal circumstance, adult is a purpose with health care or hairdressing, general and daily can take 5~10 gram, strong physical labor person it is a purpose in order to enhance a constitution (like the athlete) or use as remedial disease (wait for) like prostatitis, daily dosage can increase 20~30 to overcome. 3~5 year old daily dosage can be in children between 5~8 gram, 6~10 year old children everyday it is advisable that 8~12 overcomes dosage. Because bee pollen is most natural nourishment, drink clear right amount and a bit more multi-purpose do not have to the person cloggy.

How much does pollen eat one day appropriate

Edible compares cultured person, can abstain fluid of pollen profess to convinced to take, specific means is:

1, the water that waits for dry bee pollen the quantity to entering, maintain number hour to make its are soaked adequately become mushy; to put microtherm freezer (tone comes – 15 ℃ are the following) ; of refrigerant 2~3 day

2, take out from freezer, instantly dolly, immediately develops dip with the hot boil boiled water of 3 times, bilge through heat cold shrink housing undertakes breaking a wall besides action general, made nutrient composition releases; adequately

3, quiet place a few hours, draw-out go up clear liquid, again will residual make processing; 2 times

4, take fluid of the Qing Dynasty on its to wait to entering honey, it is the fluid of profess to convinced of pollen namely, daily by need the quantity is taken. Effect of of all kinds pollen 100 pollen: Taste is bitter, precautionary cure is diabetic, can arouse insulin to secrete, adjust endocrine.

Corn pollen: Benefit bravery detumescence, retreat blood of yellow, benefit, diuresis, fall blood pressure, have the curative effect that comparative originally to Fu Zhenggu of function of human body kidney. Can prevent cure nephritis oedema, anuria, cholecystitis, gall-stone, yellow bravery hepatitis, fall blood pressure, hypertrophy of the prostate, prostatitis, treat male disease only.

How much does pollen eat one day appropriate

Camellia pink: First what amino acid content resides common pollen, microelement and hematic acid content also prep above is other pollen. Can prevent arteriosclerosis and tumour, hairdressing protects skin also first selection pollen. Additional, but life-giving wake head, raise nerval stimulant.

Lotus pollen: ?  of corridor villous themeda blinks  of  of free time of ダ of nucleus of  leap up to sigh  hangs? to raise a heart to calm the nerves, close acerbity hemostatic, essence of solid seed profit, clear bowel discharges poison, hairdressing protects skin, clear mole goes spot, it is to maintain the beautiful of nourishing hairdressing nutrition is tasted, suit a female to take, return at the same time specific have very good effect reducing weight.

Locust pollen: (Acacia pollen) it is a kind of peptic and tranquillizer, but bate is hemal, hypertension of prevention and cure, arteriosclerosis and vein are outspread. Hawkthorn pollen: Can make cardiac stimulant, it is agent of a kind of neurological balance and aconite, can treat have a headache look

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