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White sugar besides having dietotherapy to make in order to, it still has a lot of effect, have the certain effect that treats oral cavity ulcer e.g. white sugar, when waiting for ulcer of reason occurrence oral cavity because of suffer from excessive internal heat of course, can be in white sugar apply the place of oral cavity ulcer, it is certain to have acetanilide the action with cure. If this kind of result is bad, still need to be treated in time with medicine. Got oral cavity ulcer, dietary recuperation is very important also.

Can white sugar treat oral cavity ulcer

Can white sugar treat oral cavity ulcer

White sugar is application is eating almost go up, actually white sugar still has a lot of effect. Besides eat, it still can do more thing. Below these, want one spoon white sugar to be able to be done only decided, are you still in waste interest uses all sorts of methods?

Can white sugar treat oral cavity ulcer

White sugar also has very important place in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, white sugar has the emergency in mixing, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the action of moisten the respiratory tract,

Oral cavity ulcer brings bad memory to a lot of people, think to treat oral cavity ulcer looked for a lot of methods to spend many money to fail to do at that time calm, with little actually white sugar can be solved.

Wash the place of aphtha clean with cool Bai Kaiqing now, besmear white sugar in the surface of aphtha next, control as far as possible be not licked with the tongue, like that candy is in to absorb by aphtha slowly, 9 days had been met.

Apply white sugar can treat sore ulcer gall, have the effect that antiseptic, stimulative muscle cicatrizations, to oral cavity ulcer or a few small-sized and traumatic have very pretty good heal effect.

1, the flower lasts

The plant needs absorptance to average times more candy share when blossom, be like fructose portion supply deficiency, the flower is open can die of old age before long. We can put a bit sugar in the vase before, can make what the flower blossoms more abiding so.

Can white sugar treat oral cavity ulcer

2, can become agent suction tide / the agent that divide flavour

white sugar small after frying, put into paper bag, the place that can be put in easy moisture becomes agent suction tide, put into freezer to be able to absorb freezer peculiar smell.

3, the soy be soiled that cleans the dress to go up

The life can stick a few color that wash hard according to dress hard to avoid, for instance soy is common. We can use the place that soy be soiled touchs on the dress first leach is wet, scatter again next on pink of white sugar, soda, gently scrub, clean with water next, oily be soiled of OK and easy take out.

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