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Syrup of pear of snow of lotus seed lily, feeding capable person basically is lotus seed lily and Xue Li, the rock candy with right amount rejoin, effect of preserve one’s health is exceedingly pretty good, have the effect that embellish lung relieves a cough, very good method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises lobar effect, in summer when drink a few still have effect of disappear heat antifebrile, lotus seed heats up alexipharmic side effect in Qing Dynasty very good, have the certain effect that prevents cancer to fight cancer, still have the certain effect that heightens spermatozoon active to the male.

Effect of syrup of pear of snow of lotus seed lily

Effect of syrup of pear of snow of lotus seed lily


Snow pear 3, lily 9, lotus seed 19, candied date or jujube 4 bead, lean lean 59, salt is right amount


Flay of 1 snow pear, flake is cut after be being washed clean.

2 wash clean lily, lotus seed and candied date or jujube.

Effect of syrup of pear of snow of lotus seed lily

3 wash clean lean lean, cut diced meat.

4 burn roll right amount water, put Xue Li, lily, lotus seed, candied date or jujube and lean lean, slow fire Bao changes about 2 hours again after water boils, next salt flavor to be become namely.


Nutrient value: Pear – pear, it is broad masses from of old the fruit that love, nutrition is very rich. According to determining, the fruit that pear contains the 85% moisture of or so, 6%-9.7%

Lotus seed – the nutrient value of lotus seed is higher, li Shizhen is in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in write: “The flavour pleasant of lotus, air temperature and the gender is acerbity, qing Fang’s gas, must sowing and reaping.

The effect of lotus seed heart and action

1, clear heat is alexipharmic

Clear hot detoxify is one of main effect of lotus seed heart, it is bitter sex cold, the heat inside can cleared human body is poisonous, also can reduce a variety of toxin to pile up inside human body, the eye bare gall that often appears to human body and talking around give birth to sore, and the symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat such as guttural gall, dou Youming shows precautionary gentle to see effect.

2, prevent cancer to fight cancer

Lotus seed heart is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine that can prevent cancer fight cancer material, the lotus heart that it contains is alkaline He Yilian heart is alkaline and alkaline nurturance waiting for battalion divides lotus leaf is natural the composition that fight cancer, not only can restrain the carcinogen inside human body inferior of nitric acid amine generate, still can prevent canceration of human body cell, at ordinary times often edible can prevent cancer happening, cancer patient is taken can prevent illness aggravation.

Effect of syrup of pear of snow of lotus seed lily

3, raise spermatozoon active

Rich microelement phosphor still is contained in lotus seed core, this kind of material is the important part that forms human body cell and albumen, it not only the metabolization that can accelerate the protein inside human body and carbohydrate material, still can promote spermatozoon to generate can raise male spermatozoon active, to the male not Yo has certain precaution gentle to see effect.

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