[soya-bean milk of earthnut ormosia the seed of Job’s tears has nutrition] benefit of _ effect _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Soya-bean milk is breakfast of a lot of people medium important one part, normally the circumstance falls, people at ordinary times the soya-bean milk of edible is to pass all sorts of bean abrade make, the protein of body of OK and active additional people, besides will make soya-bean milk with bean beyond, a lot of people do soya-bean milk now with earthnut ormosia the seed of Job’s tears. Have a lot of this is a kind of new thing for the person. Does the soya-bean milk that brings about a lot of people to be able to photograph of soya-bean milk of the seed of Job’s tears of doubt earthnut ormosia compares legume then have nutrition? Have what kind ofly to differ?

Does soya-bean milk of earthnut ormosia the seed of Job's tears have nutrition

Soya-bean milk of earthnut ormosia the seed of Job’s tears

Feed capable person

Advocate makings

Earthnut right amount

Ormosia right amount

Yi benevolence right amount

Does soya-bean milk of earthnut ormosia the seed of Job's tears have nutrition

Complementary makings

Rock candy right amount


1. gets ready above all feed capable person: Earthnut ormosia Yi benevolence I am according to put than the scale of one

2. pan is clean I did not shift to an earlier date bubble if have time can shift to an earlier date bubble falls

3. joins soya-bean milk machine to add water to choose to do a beans to bolt (if bubble is too OK the choice is wet beans)

It is good that 4. has been hit very quickly sweet a full-bodied earthnut ormosia is sweet

If 5. likes sweet word to be able to be added appropriately some of rock candy raw ingredient is actually very good also drink

Small stick person

Ormosia Yi benevolence must not increase rice oh rise otherwise be less than dispel wet effect

Does soya-bean milk of earthnut ormosia the seed of Job's tears have nutrition

The nutrition of earthnut and effect

The effect of earthnut

Earthnut regards common people as one of traditional food that like, have from of old ” peanut ” beautiful praise. Civilian adage: “Often eat earthnut can preserve one’s health ” , consider to discover, its have fair officinal value and sanitarian function.

1, reduce cholesterol: Many linoleic acid is contained in peanut oil, this kind of material can make the cholesterol inside human body is decomposed outside be body of biliary acerbity eduction, avoid cholesterol deposit inside body, it is normal to because cholesterol exceeds in human body,decrease the occurence rate that be worth and causes diseases of a variety of heart head blood-vessel.

2, defer human body consenescence: The zincic element content in earthnut is common prep above is other oil-bearing crops. Zinc can promote children cerebra growth, cerebral cell of the old people in the memorial function; that adds powerful head can activation, defer human body effectively to cross early consenescence, have fight ageing action.

3, prevent tumor: Active of a kind of biology is contained in earthnut, peanut oil very strong natural much more phenolic kind of material, white black false bellebore is mellow. The natural chemistry that it is tumor disease prevents an agent, still can reduce plaque to gather at the same time, disease of blood-vessel of head of precaution and sclerosis of appearance of remedial artery congee, heart. And alcohol of white black false bellebore is labelled the most effective fight one of anile material. And the relevant earthnut goods such as the earthnut that contains a lot ofalcohol of white black false bellebore, peanut oil will is opposite the effect with food and healthy bigger play.

The nutrient value of earthnut

The flesh of prep above of quantity of heat of earthnut kind, taller than milk 20% , taller than the egg 40% . Other be like protein, nuclear egg element, calcic, phosphor, iron also wait than milk, flesh, egg should tall. Vitamin A, B, E, K still is contained to wait in earthnut, and lecithin, albumen is amino acid, choline and oleic acid, goober acid, fatty acid, palmy acid.

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