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Him understanding understands nature first

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Him understanding understands nature first


We want to understand our, so the disposition that is about to learn to understand oneself first above all, because disposition can decide a lot of issues in our lifetime. We understand below.


The society is freely myriad, complex and complex, because the world is by the composition of everybody, each have distinguishing feature, mixed crowd, and these bring up the nature that gave a person, and disposition decides a destiny. Want to know a person so, include to understand oneself, want to begin from disposition.



The place in the behavior way that the manner that disposition is the stability of a person to reality and habit changed shows expressional trait. What does the individual go after, what to reject, namely the manner; individual that “ did what ” to mirror him to treat reality takes what kind of step, how to pursue established objective, namely the behavior way that the habit that how “ made ” reflect an individual changed. Say further, the way that the stable manner that comes down in the deposit in long-term activity only and habit change just forms disposition. Below specific situation temporarily the mood of one ground should not regard disposition as instead.


Want to learn to observe others, include the manner of pair of societies, collective, other, it is honest and frank goody still, have sympathize with or wait for; to be opposite flintily the manner of study, job, it is assiduous lazy still, still wait for; carefully curtly cursorily seriously the manner to oneself, it is modest discretion or proud indulge, proud self-confidence or from cheap self-abased wait.




The society sees the person’s reason, see him show the style difference that come in respect of sensory consciousness, memory, imagination, thinking. For example, perception becomes aware the respect is a record model or explanation, enumerate or wraparound model etc, remembering a respect is visual image memory or logistic thinking memory wait, imagining a respect is the ” realist with bold fantast or sober “ , active imagination or passive imagination, thinking respect is independent model or depend on model, analysis or integrated model etc.


Disposition is deciding the person’s psychology, because,also meet at the same time family, society, or it is individual element and change, the destiny that can change a person chooses, influential also to the career success of a person, also have payoff to social value.


The place on put together is narrated, disposition is deciding us to be able to become what kind of person, want to understand oneself to be about to clear up oneself disposition first so.

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