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When loneliness, read you quietly

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   When loneliness, read quietly


   The head of a bed, always putting a book, hand of the letter when idle browses, appreciate is additional a kind of leisurely and carefree mood, the written language that uses each indifferent to fame or benefit the happiness the life and distressed little ground string, picking up removes the happiness that loses in years. Bend is careful when reading, can be stationed in if lilac is same beautiful girl stay in endless pluvial alley, laugh and be in too, can await in memorial crossing gradually clear hazy. Tear, do not represent sadness, smile, also do not express thoroughly delighted, in the heart road that there are oneself in the story of others, also be a kind of joy is mixed comfortable.

   Come with Moxiang indifferent to fame or benefit is cheerful oneself inner world, for the heart sadly a covered corridor or walk that open leads to wide path to go up, read Qiu Yue from spring flower, cong Xiayu reads wintry snow, what silent in years is alternant in, move hurriedly in days in, volatilize the ground of tacit and delighted dripping wet in the heart, complain at notting have in having regret, be in the book is sweet in walk happily, the happy and pleased with oneself that face of gentle breeze stroke is in, snow of rain of hardships of a journey or of one’s life rises mediumly rise and fall volt, a 3 become enamoured that fold, the sigh with regret of the world bleak, a kind of mood mixes can yet be regarded as touch.

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