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Understood these, your life is lucid

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1, the person is living tired, it is to put no less than frame work, do not rip face, solution not to open a clue (the reason is very simple)

2, the appetite that everybody accords with you is not on the footing that stands in oneself; Stand on other position, you why can everybody’s appetite? (good-tempered need a person)

3, can the person complex issue simplification is a talent, what can complication simple question is clumsy just. (people often is willing to should wriggle just)

4, money cannot open a mind, a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship is full. (of the person of be intent on personal advancement tackle key problem experience) the man is not willing to quarrel with the woman, what is the reason that doesn’t he also know to quarrel forever? (the man’s distress)

Understood these, your life is lucid

5, woman most appreciation man has literary talent, most be fed up with a man too persnickety, most be afraid that the man is sneaking. (the man is afraid that feminine old boy is enraged)

6, the woman is a book, the man cares copyright issue most, if pilfer edition book, he asks lowest gives first for certain a few fold. (affection field if the market)

7, urticant compare sometimes painful afflictive still, it is easier that hate often compares love (life paradox)

8, the opportunity is equality to everybody, you can do not have shooting opportunity, but when the opportunity comes, you can not do not have bullet (enterprise wants namely such)

9, love is just like smallpox, our everybody should be experienced so, and smallpox of no less than in that way, we are met only all one’s life, you need not worry forever can get the 2nd times (talk about love) .

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