The optimal time that drinks medicinal liquor – net of legend preserve one’s health


The body is frail resistance is not strong, we can drink medicinal liquor to enhance body strength. Classics tipple nods medicinal liquor, can enhance body strength not only, OKer dredge main and collateral channels, below small make up introduce in detail to everybody below. …

        Medicinal liquor is had improve the health, ill effect of the dispel that prevent disease, tipple nods medicinal liquor, but dredge main and collateral channels. The method of the medicinal liquor that make has go to the lavatory simply, so a lot of families begin him bubble to make, medicinal liquor also is a kind of medicine, excessive is drinkable, may rise counteractive. So when has been medicinal liquor drunk?

        Different wine is not old to curative effect influence, the degree that chooses wine according to individual be fond of commonly is amiable flavour. Capacity for liquor is small person, optional capacity for liquor of 38 degrees of the low; that spend wine are big person, optional 52 degrees of height wine of the left and right sides. Normally not selected song wine, because music wine is,become, the odour of sweet meeting and medicaments mixes the distiller’s yeast that contains inside its, generation blames flavour, your person smells uncomfortable. Choose old Bai Gan or yellow rice or millet wine more normally, the odour after mixing with the medicinal material is balmy and delicate, inviting.

        Deepen no longer when the color of medicinal liquor, the active ingredient that makes clear medicaments has stopped oozy, medicinal liquor chroma already was achieved the biggest, can take. Generally speaking, animal kind medicinal liquor immerses 1 ~ just can be taken 2 weeks, and plant kind day of medicinal liquor 3~5 is OK. Have some of precious crude drug, can immerse repeatedly, when leaving the liquid that there still is 1 inch before drinking off tall again add continues to immerse into new alcoholic drink.

        Those who need an attention is, drinkable when, drink every time 1 two to 1 two half. The person that not to be pooh-poohed drinks can be medicinal liquor add in yellow rice or millet wine or cold boiled water, press a quantity drinkable. Once give now to state a case, did not take, if medicinal liquor quality of a material is muddy (active ingredient is oxidized) , garrulous account other people is obvious (active ingredient metamorphism, separate out) , color pales, the surface has flavour of an oily film, wine to turn weak, apparent acid defeats flavour to wait.

        Generally speaking, when medicinal liquor is dining perhaps drink after eat, lest stimulate gastric mucous membrane. Do not hollow and drinkable. Because medicinal liquor is,become, drinkable must because of the person different. Alcohol can restrain thyroid gland to be secreted effectively of element, the old person of long-term drink liquor, the incidence of a disease of cataract, osteoporosis is apparent heighten. The woman does not suit in gestation, lactation drinkable; In travel period, although period is normal, unfavorable also take the medicinal liquor with strong performance of invigorate the circulation of blood.

        We drink medicinal liquor to also want to propose a toast time, the life that has mastered the optimal time that drinks medicinal liquor to just can let us runs more significant.

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