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  Sexual lifeTo husband and wife it is the essential one part in the life, exceedingly important to the health of sexual physiology. When scientific research discovers the person’s sexual desire, get of the interference of very much element, live in different time jerk also is different. In certain time paragraph of Chang Wangcheng of sexual desire dispute, in these time paragraph cross sexual life dispute to often reach a climax easily.

Zhou WuSexual lovethe person is most, zhou Yi is period of time of sexual behavior low hair. This data comes from ” play turn Tokyo ” the gender was investigated 2011. The time that this investigation involves sexual life of Tokyo men and women paragraph, place, frequency, and the identity of sexual associate. Result discovery, the person of 56% can be in week of 5 sexual love, it is Saturday next, for 30% , zhou Si, Zhou San, weekday, Zhouer and Zhou Yi are respectively later.

The person of 83% likes to be in wet, cloudy day when affectionate. A safety of American covers the large investigation that the company has to show, in wet people comes into being affectionate desire more easily, each other feeling also can become more close.

Some people refuse because of to be warm affectionate, because chill does not wish,also have some of person affectionate, former double be latter. The United States investigates discovery, the person of 35% ever was heated up because of the day and refuse for many times affectionate, and because the weather is too cold and reject affectionate person to have 19% .

Number of the sexual love after the work is steady can increase. Swiss Lu adds the researcher of Nuo university to discover, the job can not make person sexual desire firmly depressed surely, and in the period of time after the job enters stability period, sexual love will be more harmonious.

Additional, the expert thinks, december is annual pregnancy fastigium, august is ” of low ebb of annual conception “ period. Dekesasi the research of the university thinks, “ looks from biologic angle, the reason depends on summertime spermatozoon quality not tall, day long night is short can affect ovarian function; and holiday is much December, to be cold, people sexual love compares concentration, be pregnant more easily. ”

The research of sexual physiology has very important sense, can help the change that people looks according to understanding sexual desire, know to be in when to produce sexual behavior to be able to better sexual love experiences.

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