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1. What is the cause with common sterility?

(1) < of class of a of vigor of spermatozoon of weak spermatozoon disease 25% or A+b < 50% lead A+b+c < with work 60% call weak spermatozoon disease.

(2)Little choiceChild < of N of disease sperm count calls little choice disease when 20000/ml. Zhengzhou university adds luck of king of surgery of courtyard secrete make water

(3) seminal fluid of not liquefacient disease is in outside eduction body when 60 minutes still be in aspic glue shape to call not liquefacient

(4) check 3 times repeatedly without spermatozoon disease seminal fluid is groovy and end sees spermatozoon says not to have disease of essence of life.

(5) can detect in immunity sterility seminal fluid piece fight spermatozoon antibody (AbAs) .

2. What is the pathogeny of disease of little, weak essence?

Little choice disease and weak essence disease are current clinical go up the commonnest not Yo pathogeny, and both is accompanied at the same time more row, cause an element identical, put in both ‘s charge to call little, weak essence disease for a kind more consequently. Its are clinical on common cause of disease has:

(1) the athletic ability that the inflammation that the genital such as infection epididymis, seminiferous duct, spermatic gland, prostate is in charge of all can affect sexual spermatozoon and the function of natural disposition essence of spermary. What this includes to cause infection is microbial mix to spermatozoon directly of spermary damage, the change that PH of refining of the sex when infection is worth, the many leucocyte when inflammation (WBC) the vigor that itself and the inflammation medium that its release all can reduce spermatozoon, control the raw energy function of spermary.

(2) the starting agent that the FSH that hypophysis of gland of endocrine unusual cerebra secretes generation and LH are spermary generation spermatozoon and maintain a dose, can cause spermary when FSH or LH are too low raw energy function is low.

(3) Zhang Jingsuo varicosity can bring about music of Jing Suojing arteries and veins local temperature is exorbitant, Small loop obstacle, nutrition is reduced, oxygen cent is pressed drop and shortage of nutrient composition supply all can affect sexual spermatozoon vigor (rate) the raw energy function with spermary.

(4) immune element fights spermatozoon antibody to be able to adhere to the energy that creates spermatozoon at the rear of spermatozoon or vivid rate fall.

(5) the gene extract cent that the research discovery with unusually latter chromosome decides to spermatozoon is generated on Y chromosome is AZFa, AZFb, AZFc3 main segment, be short of miss the opportunity to be able to cause disease of little, weak essence when some segment.

(6) place of nutrient element raw energy wants nutrient material amino acid, lack of vitamin A, E, folic acid all can cause disease of little, weak essence.

(7) environmental element is clinical go up to often can see a large number of Xiong are aspersed, contact high temperature for a long time, be engaged in radiating, the person that contact chemical poison profession is easy produce obstacle of raw energy function.

3. What is seminal not liquefacient? Why can you affect conception? What is its not liquefacient reason?

The seminal fluid outside a body just is being shot below normal circumstance submits aspic glue form, its meaning depends on preventing makings seminal fluid 4 Shi and reduce at joining the spermatozoon cardinal number at conception. But 30 minutes are in below the circumstance normally in aspic colloid seminal fluid should become liquefaction, if more than 60 minutes of seminal fluid still submit aspic glue form,call not liquefacient. Right now many spermatozoon is in the condition that be manacled, its work rate and vigor all inferior, affect its to become pregnant; Be what reason is caused not liquefacient? Call PSA through considering to discover the liquefaction in seminal fluid is enzymatic (prostate is distinctive antigen) , secrete generation by prostate place, send sexual inflammation when prostate or prostate can be caused to produce PSA level to drop when male hormone level is reduced, liquefacient material decreases in seminal fluid and produce seminal fluid not liquefacient.

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