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What the woman should notice most in different level is his sanitarian problem, as a child the career that health care is feminine lifetime. The woman is in the career of these health care, among them of bosom maintain it is important to have most.

   Infantile period: Had better not squeeze do not knead

Whole infant period the breast is in static condition. But be bornBabyBecause suffer inside maternal body the influence of estrogen, the likelihood is short-term after be born inside have a breast intumescent orTit excessive fluidWait for a circumstance.

Caress a key: Right now the attention is not squeezed, do not knead, arrange its nature, lest cause infection, OK and local hot compress is absorbed with promoting. As level of hormone of the female inside infantile body drop, about 3 weeks later, mammary nature returns to normal and enter dormant period.

Adolescence: The attention observes a breast

After entering adolescence, the 2ndQualityAsk for germinate. The female is in 9 years old – when 12 years old, mammary germinate, the breast has nucleus of a breast first, and slowly growth increases, the tit is outstanding, menstruation comes to tide in the meantime.

Caress a key: The much hair that this period is mammary gland fibroma period, secrete because of female hormone exuberant, endocrine is not harmonious still. The breast that the mother wants to pay close attention to a daughter all the more changes, if whether have the defect inside the tit, long a knot in one’s heart, if have,different often wants timely seek medical advice. In addition, wearing appropriate bust bodice in time is very important. With cotton goods had better, should not be too close or too loose, too urgent meeting affects blood to supply, adverse development; is too loose send prolapse easily. Teenage period is to grow the period of the 2nd peak of development, still should strengthen constitution to take exercise right now with nutrition. >> > uncover secret: Stimulate the 5 big subtle move of fair maiden sexual desire

Menses: Keep buoyant

Menstrual cycle, because get the stimulation of hormone of female of ovarian place excretive, the breast also can have periodic reaction, most female is in breast of menstrual early days becauseHyperaemiaOedema appears painfulBilge feeling, classics hind disappears by oneself namely, this kind of ache does not require treatment commonly.

Caress a key: Because the breast is puffy,reach ache, should change wear to compare at ordinary times the brassiere with largish dimension, lest the breast suffers; of extruding accentuation ache this period the breast is more sensitive, should avoid needless traumatic maintain spirit with extruding; happy, not tooNervous; hot compress can promote haemal circulation and lymphatic circumfluence, alleviate the tensity of local organization, be helpful for inflammation disappearing.

Pregnant produces period: Change comfortable bust bodice

Pregnant is produced period includePregnancyWith lactation, also be the period with highest incidence of a disease of mammary gland disease. In last few years the heighten of year after year of incidence of a disease of breast cancer, and show young turn a tide, begin to come on in 40 years old or so more.

Caress a key: The female of this period should wear blouse and bust bodice, lest oppress the breast affects the normal growth of mammary gland, affect the child thereby feed. Be pregnant5 to 6 lunar hind, swab a tit via commonly used soap and warm water, make tit skin proliferous thickening, springiness. After swabbing, mix in the tit breast is dizzy on grease of Tu Yi layer, chap in case.

Middleaged period: Do not want ego to massage

After a lot of females enter the turn of life, resemble no longer young when take a breast seriously in that way, thereby the health care of oversight breast. Actually because entered the turn of life, just should more the health care that notices a breast.

Caress a key: Middleaged later the appearance that the breast has flabby prolapse more, usually, the breast does not advocate massage, because massage meeting accentuationMammary gland hyperplasia. Should hold to mensal mammary self-check, annual specialized subject check-up. Oneself note petty change of the breast at any time, discover a problem, check cure instantly. The woman that enters the turn of life notices not to cross much more compensatory estrogen, lest increase the sicken odds of breast cancer.

Old age: Take self-check seriously

The senile woman after menopause, as a result of hormone of the female inside body decrease, its breast produced a few change, if the breast is bulk decrescent, loose flagging, the skin is knitted folds in a garment increase etc. Should notice mammary health care more right now, becauseBreast cancertall hair age paragraph it is to be after 45 years old.

Caress a key: Should hold to mensal mammary self-check, annual specialized subject check-up. Note petty change of the breast at any time at ordinary times, discover a problem in time. Additional, needing those who remind an attention is, senile woman should take hormone to replace an agent carefully, if take, must be in next the doctor is directive undertaking.

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