The practice of fish of water of stew in soy sauce

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  •  The dish when traditional Qiu Dong.

    The practice of fish of water of stew in soy sauce, how is fish of water of stew in soy sauce done delicious

    [raw material]

    Slaughter clean water fish (soft-shelled turtle) 750 grams, pig steaky pork 100 grams, dip sends Xianggu mushroom 25 grams, garlic child 100 grams, jiang Pian 5 grams, chili 5 grams, refined salt 5 grams, gourmet powder 5 grams, pepper 0.5 grams, sesame-seed oil 0.5 grams, bead oil 15 grams, carry on wine 10 grams, at starch 25 grams, wet starch 5 grams, the plant is oily 1000 grams (bad news 100 grams) .

       The practice of fish of water of stew in soy sauce:

    1. soft-shelled turtle stripping and slicing () of every about 20 grams, use at starch with bead oil 10 grams mix steaky pork of divide evenly; cuts 3 millimeter thick piece.

    2. Heat of the baked wheaten cake in using fries pan, next oil are burned to small boil, put oil of bubble of soft-shelled turtle piece about 2 minutes, scoop the garlic below; with a bamboo child scamper is scooped to golden color stand-by.

    3. More than oily teem, on furnace of the replace that fry pan, next Jiang Pian, cutlet, Xianggu mushroom is mixed fan of soft-shelled turtle piece is fried, boil joins carry on alcoholic drink, add refined salt, chili and bead oil, gourmet powder 2.5 grams, clear water 500 grams, burn to small boil, enter earthenware pot inside, make an appointment with 20 minutes with stew of medium baking temperature, garlic issueing scamper child again stew makes an appointment with 10 minutes soft sodden.

    4. Wait for Shang Nong to shrink to make an appointment with remnant when 150 grams, take out Jiang Pian, chili, heat of the baked wheaten cake in reoccupy fries pan, next oil 10 grams, enter soft-shelled turtle piece, add gourmet powder, pepper, move with wet starch rare tick off Gorgon euryale, drench finally sesame oil and oil 25 grams, fry the dish on divide evenly to be become.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    Fragrance is full-bodied, the flesh is qualitative soft sodden, rich and colloid.

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