The practice of oyster sauce abalone

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    The practice of oyster sauce abalone, how is oyster sauce abalone done delicious

      [raw material]

    Dry abalone 12, jiang Pian 2, green 3, old hen 100 grams, pig lean lean 300 grams, ham 50 grams, the snake is oily 25 grams, carry on wine 15 grams, gourmet powder 1.5—3 is overcome, refined salt 5 grams, white sugar 1 gram, sesame-seed oil 0.5 grams, brunet soy 10 grams, pepper a few, the plant is oily 65 grams.

       The practice of oyster sauce abalone:

    1. Add clear water with lean lean of old hen, pig, ham 1000 grams, convert after boil of the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing small fire is boiled about

    4 hours, add refined salt, must go up soup 250 grams, reserve.

    2. Use abalone of hair of boiling water fort, dip 4 hours, abluent contamination, in be being put in boiling water boiler again, boil float 3 times, to rinse ash till flavour.

    3. abalone section, every cut 4 only (every film contract weighs 15 grams) , be in piece on decorative pattern of engrave well glyph.

    4. Heat of baked wheaten cake fries pan in, next oil 25 grams, wine of boil carry on, put on soup, gourmet powder, white sugar, oyster sauce, abalone piece, put pepper, soy again, move with wet starch rare tick off Gorgon euryale, drench sesame oil and vegetable oil 40 grams, mix the dish on divide evenly but.

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    Full-bodied soft slippery hold sea oyster little taste concurrently.

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