These are black food is content of emperor of preserve one’s health unexpectedly!

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  •  We present dietary choice it may be said is multifarious, no matter color and taste are very all ready, multicoloured, joys and sorrows of life chooses casually, our hard to avoid is met in the life oversight color of malformation of a few appearance black food, actually the effect of these food itself is very big, not only effect of preserve one’s health is powerful, and healthy to ours also be very helpful.

    These are black food is content of emperor of preserve one's health unexpectedly! Treasure of black preserve one's health

      Chicken of 1. black bone

    Black bone chicken is to be able to help us raise physiology functionary and still can defer consenescence, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein be good at bone, to precaution osteoporosis and rachitic wait to have very good use.

    Black bone chicken still has another name to call medicine chicken, it is folk hep nourishing and strong article, black contains 18 kinds of amino acid such as rich melanin and vitamin of protein, B a group of things with common features and 18 kinds of microelement among bone chicken, among them the content of E of nicotinic acid, vitamin, phosphor, iron, Potassium, natrium is prep above of common chicken, and cholesterol and adipose content also are very low.

    The serum total albumen of black chicken and globulin pledge content is the chicken with common prep above apparently, amino acid is being contained among black chicken also is prep above of common chicken, and contain iron element very much also, it is the tonic with nutrient very high value.

    These are black food is content of emperor of preserve one's health unexpectedly! Treasure of black preserve one's health

      2. jet rice

    Jet rice looks black, it is a kind of special kind, the layer of seed bead cutin of jet rice is different the precipitation melanin of degree, the exterior also is pitch-black it seems that those who shine, seed bead contains a lot ofwater-solubility melanin and all sorts of human body must protein of microelement, vegetable and all sorts of amino acid, the cereal with the other prep above with nutrient apparent content.

    The nutrient value of jet rice is bigger, the content of microelement is very high also, and also be other frumentaceous eightfold, the content of lysine also is very rich, it is crop of a kind of Gao Lai. The microelement content of jet rice also is taller, besides, jet rice contains iron the volume is very high also, it is the food that enrich the blood.

    Iron is our body in the center one of very important elements, what if iron absorbs inadequacy,cause physiology function and metabolization process very easily so is disorder, cause anemia of the sex that be short of iron thereby. In living so, we can have rice of a few jet more, the effect is very marvellous, the body that can help us not only enrichs the blood, and the body that still can help us enhances nutrition.

    These are black food is content of emperor of preserve one's health unexpectedly! Treasure of black preserve one's health

      3. black soya bean

    The actuating pressure of modern is very big, appear very easily the condition with lack of power and weak body, say to want to enhance vigor and vigor so, filling kidney is a bit important more special. Black soya bean is a kind of very effective filling kidney beautiful is tasted, will look according to theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, black belongs to water, water takes kidney, say what do not pass to the person edible black soya bean of kidney empty is again good so.

    Besides, black soya bean to young female friend, still hairdressing is raised colour of effect, rich vitamin is contained among black soya bean, among them vitamin E and vitamin B content are highest, and vitamin E is the material with a kind of very important green and strong and handsome maintenance.

    Skin of black soya bean is black, contain rich cyanine element, cyanine element also is the origin of a kind of very pretty good antioxidant, can effective Qing Dynasty gets rid of the freedom inside our body base, reduce the generation of skin furrow thereby, keep green and strong and handsome.

    The crude fibre content among black soya bean is as high as 4% , often edible black soya bean can offer the crude fibre among food, promote digest, prevent costive happening. Black soya bean the effect to health is very tall, but black soya bean does not suit to eat raw, especially the person with bad intestines and stomach should not eat so more, appear very easily otherwise abdominal distension circumstance, the black soya bean after heating is the most delicious, we can buy black soya bean in congee to boil congee to drink.

    Black soya bean still has the effect that prevents constipation, the crude fibre content among black soya bean has been achieved 4% , had exceeded soya bean a lot of, crude fibre has favorable aperient effect, constipation is medium the issue with general old people, modern food is too be particular about is delicate, the content of element crosses crude fibre of as a result little, accentuated the burden that bowel, produce constipation easily thereby. Eat a bit black soya bean everyday, the body that gives us adds a bit crude fibre element, with respect to the can effective happening that prevents constipation, the effect is very pretty good.

    These are black food is content of emperor of preserve one's health unexpectedly! Treasure of black preserve one's health

      4. Hei Kuqiao

    Hei Kuqiao is a kind of buckwheat, grow in high cold area, have very high nutrition value, be called to be the king of food crops. Hei Kuqiao also has very high medicine value, long-term edible Hei Kuqiao can prevent a variety of hypertension and cancer diseases that cure hard effectively.

    Hei Kuqiao can reduce blood sugar, can effective reduce diabetic happening, and still can reduce hematic fat, hei Kuqiao can be in after passing right amount treatment, become boiled water is drinkable, having first-rate sanitarian effect to cardiovascular health, still can fight bacterium disease-resistant poison, it is food of a kind of very good sanitarian preserve one’s health.

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