The practice of Sha Guangyu of braise in soy sauce

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  • Sha Guangyu is the special local product of harbor of Lian Yun of Jiangsu seaside city, habitat in the salty fresh water at alongshore shallow sea or place of the day that enter the sea. First big, scale is fine, needle of form of tail fin extreme submits lance form. Fleshy qualitative quality is white exquisite. Sha Guangyu most the season of fat is October, the beauty that “ October sand surpasses Yang Shang ” solely praise, apply to braise in soy sauce, dry burn, stew in soy sauce, fry, a variety of cook methods such as braise, Yu Shang.

    The practice of Sha Guangyu of braise in soy sauce, how does sanded smooth fish make braise in soy sauce delicious

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    Sha Guangyu 8 (weigh 1500 grams) about, green paragraph 10 grams, jiang Pian 10 grams, soy 60 grams, carry on wine 15 grams, refined salt 5 grams, white sugar 15 grams, sweet vinegar 25 grams, peanut oil 1000 grams (real cost makes an appointment with 80 grams) , ripe lardy 50 grams.

       The practice of Sha Guangyu of braise in soy sauce:

    1. Treat Sha Guangyu clean, the cloth that use clean absorbs moisture, join green paragraph, Jiang Pian each 5 grams, soy wine of 10 grams, carry on 5 grams, immerse half hours.

    2. Heat will be burned on fire of boiler buy flourishing, dip enters peanut oil, burn to about 180 ℃ when, put the fish bomb about 2 minutes, when showing golden scene to piscine noodle, scoop, drop goes oily. Former boiler again suffer from excessive internal heat, dip is entered ripe lardy burn heat, put onion paragraph, Jiang Pian blast of each 5 grams is sweet, throw Sha Guangyu, join carry on alcoholic drink 50 grams, refined salt, white sugar and clear water make an appointment with 10 grams, soy 500 grams, the boiler on the lid is built, after burning boil, convert small baked wheaten cake 10 minutes, reoccupy flourishing fire receives hoosh juice, boil enters sweet vinegar, drench sesame-seed oil a few is become namely.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    This dish colour and lustre is ruddy, the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, salty in the belt is acerbity, delicious tastily. This food cooking should have mastered, small baked wheaten cake must want to appear, pledge in order to carry the flesh fresh and tender.

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