Darling is short of iron to affect intellectual growth how to fill iron is good

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  • Darling is short of iron to affect intellectual growth how to fill iron is good, how is darling short of iron to do?

       Darling is short of iron to affect intellectual growth how to fill iron is good

    Darling is fast 6 months are big, do you take him (she) go to a hospital doing hematic convention to check? If check a result to show darling has anaemic symptom, mom can be about to take care, anaemia is commonly by what be short of iron to cause. Once the darling with 6 big months is short of iron serious, is consequence what kind of?

    The darling anaemia of 6 months is anaemia of the sex that be short of iron mostly, main reason is inadequacy of quantity of iron of congenital lay aside, or darling is in complementary the ferreous food that in feeding, adds is little, iron intake is insufficient, or darling has grown fast iron is missing and overmuch etc.

      One, is darling short of iron what to consequence you can have?

       1, darling intelligence development and psychological activity, behavior is damaged

    Darling always can cry, like to get angry, attention is not centered, the face faces new thing to have logy feeling, had disposition obstacle and mood obstacle then. Additional, darling is short-term the growth with the normal effect that be short of iron development, but if going down for a long time, the memory of darling and cognitive function can drop gradually, intelligence becomes low.

       2, the metabolization process inside darling body is affected

    Darling is short of the word of iron, besides meeting anaemia, the organizes organ and cell individually normal function in the body also can get block up, endanger the whole body of darling then. For instance: The digestion function of darling is abate, bowel of stomatitis, stomach is digested absorb a function poor, glossitis, anorexia, symptom.

       3, the body of darling lacks nutrient substance badly

    Iron element lack also can make darling has nutritional the symptom of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, tired and faint, complexion dry, hair does not have cadaverous, skin occurrence stripe of burnish, fingernail is the circumstance that darling can appear.

       2, why can darling be short of iron?

    Somebody thinks, mother milk nutrition is comprehensive, did not add to darling proper complementary feed, but the iron that 0.5mg is less than only in milk of every 100g mother, darling eats pure mother to breed 3 months, had been short of iron.

    Darling 4-6 when the month is big, the mother breeds offerred iron element cannot have satisfied the requirement of darling, if add the capacity that contain iron not in time,abound complementary feed, darling suffers from easily on the sex that be short of iron is anaemic.

       3, is darling short of iron how to should do?

    Mom should notice to watch darling body change and dietary situation more at ordinary times, if darling has unusual appearance, go to a hospital in time doing a hematic convention to check.

    The basis checks a result, below the doctor’s guidance, give darling compensatory chalybeate, normal chalybeate had better be taken between two eat, still can give darling the absorption that compensatory vitamin C will come to promote iron. Take commonly 8 after going to 12 weeks, content of the iron inside darling body just can reach normal level.

       Cookbook of darling filling iron

      A thick soup of egg of piscine mud bean curd

    Raw material

    Cruelly oppress 100 grams, bean curd half, egg 1.


    1. cruelly oppress abluent, chop becomes slimy state.

    2. Bean curd a small, put in the bowl to use ladle pulverize.

    3. Put piscine mud and fabaceous sapropel, add agitate of water of an egg, a few even.

    4. Put in boiler evaporate is ripe can.

    Tips: Eat to darling, had compared with the cod commonly, without spinule, and the flesh is compared character delicate.

       Soup of spinach pork liver

    Raw material

    Bright pork liver is 100 grams, bright spinach is 200 grams, oily a few of 15 milliliter, salt.


    1. spinach abluent, mincing, pork liver cuts small chip, mix with oily, salt divide evenly, reserve.

    2. Clear water is added in boiler 500 milliliter, boil hind joins spinach and pork liver, boil to pork liver ripe can.

    Be short of iron to have adverse effect to growing of darling normally, so father mother want to take seriously, choose red meat or animal liver to darling more kind food, can help darling complement effectively iron is qualitative, promote its to absorb, prevent darling to appear the issue that lacks iron.

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