It what darling dinner eats is good that what darling dinner eats 2 nutrition dinner is recommended

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  • It what darling dinner eats is good that what darling dinner eats 2 nutrition dinner is recommended, darling dinner error

      When has darling dinner eaten

    Say from healthy angle, dinner should let the child before sleeping 3 eat to 4 hours, can let darling have the time that has an activity a little so, more the education that is helpful for high grade Morpheus.

    Eat well, ability raises the body of club giving a club, permit mother, whether did you also master among them dietary doohickey? Remind finally, if possible word, dinner had better eat in the home, father mother for company eats together, create a “ more easily to have a meal so the atmosphere of ” .

       It what darling dinner eats is good that what darling dinner eats

      The practice of darling dinner cookbook

      Nutrient dinner one: Congee of sweet Mi Ren

    Raw material: Polished glutinous rice, Mi Ren, brown sugar each are right amount.


    1, polished glutinous rice, Mi Ren is abluent put electric meal Bao inside.

    2, add brown sugar and water.

    3, move electric meal Bao archives of the congee that boil.

    4, time arrives can edible.

    Nutrient effect: Mi Renhan has a variety of amino acid, many vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and calcium, phosphor, magnesian, Potassium to wait, be blindly good in quality and cheap in price nourishment, also have very good curative effect to children inappetence, ascites.

       Nutrient dinner 2: Secret makes pumpkin congee

    Raw material: Pink of small pumpkin, polished glutinous rice, rock candy each are right amount.


    1, pumpkin is abluent, flay goes flesh, cut chunk.

    2, with a pot for steaming food, or make pumpkin mashed vegetable or fruit with microwave oven. Will pumpkin piece puts microwave oven appropriative evaporate dish in, in evaporate dish lower level adds right amount water, upper cover is built above child, the Gao Huo in putting microwave oven heats 10 minutes or so.

    3, the pumpkin with good evaporate is taken out, try to see pumpkin with chopstick or broach whether already evaporate is appeared, put recipient next, take the advantage of heat to be pressed into pumpkin mud with small spoon. The pumpkin mashed vegetable or fruit that has made is not used, but stationary point makes pumpkin cake.

    4, pumpkin mud puts a stockpot, join clear water to be boiled, the scale of clear water and pumpkin mud is 2 than 1.

    5, when waiting for what water boils, take a small bowl, pink of polished glutinous rice the attune that use water is become mushy.

    6, after pumpkin mud is boiled, with spoon dip paste of one spoon polished glutinous rice joins a stockpot in, do not break agitate to agglomerate in order to prevent paste of polished glutinous rice, those who achieve oneself to want is ropy after spending, need not rejoin polished glutinous rice is burnt.

    7, rock candy or white sugar are joined to flavor after be being boiled a little while a bit can.

    Nutrient effect: Pumpkin congee conduces to gas of the beneficial in filling, fall hematic fat, fall blood sugar, clear heat is alexipharmic, protect gastric mucous membrane, help to digest, apply to children lienal frail, hidebound.

       Darling takes 4 errors of dinner

      1, the child should eat the meat everyday

    Wrong. The food of vegetarian can make the body more healthy, and the case that noting compensatory iron, zinc and vitamin B12 plays each pair of ages paragraph the person is applicable, include children and pregnant woman even. Of course, the child does not eat the meat completely certainly, eat every week 2 come 3 times enough. The probability that research makes clear to carnivorous lover contracts colonic cancer shows ascendant trend.

       2, soup soak cooked rice in soup or water is good digest

    Wrong. Some children do not love to take course, like to use soup or water soak cooked rice in soup or water to eat however, such, bead of a lot of meals has not been chewed sodden went down with respect to pharynx. Dietary arrangement of the child should accomplish diversification of breed of design and color as far as possible, element of meat or fish is tie-in, assure daily the protein that can absorb full amount, adipose, saccharide and vitamin, mineral etc.

       3, dinner child should have little

    Wrong. “ dinner should eat little ” is pair of adult especially old people, to teenager children, should become additionally do not talk. The child is lying grow the exuberant period of development, no matter the body grows or cerebrum development all needs much nutrient material to try to complement. Dinner is apart from the time-interval of morrow morning to have 12 hours left and right sides, though food need not complement when Morpheus, but the child’s growth development also won’t stop momently however, nightly also be same, still want certain nutrient material. If dinner eats too less too poor, cannot satisfy this kind of requirement, if things go on like this, the growth that can affect the child grows. The dinner of visible child cannot eat less not only, still answer satiate had eaten. If child weight has overweighted even get fat, should hold to dinner to have the principle of little ” , but what this little ” points to is quantity of heat wants little, is not to reduce an amount.

       4, dinner eats fully to be able to affect Morpheus

    Wrong. Want to have a thing in before the child sleeps 1 hour only, won’t affect the child’s Morpheus.

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