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Can chocolate eat when reducing weight?

2012-02-07 12:54:59

Beautiful nutrition expert says chocolate is beneficial newly heart: Chocolate is delicate food, but the fear that arouses a lot of people easily however, especially ladies, because be afraid that it can make a person fat, and fat in the idea in modern, be equal almost the germ at numerous and healthy problem. Nevertheless, the researcher’s newest research discovers, chocolate can produce favorable effect to our heart actually.

A science that Kaye of professor of nutrition of American California university holds in Washington expresses on the conference, preliminary research shows as a result, chocolate can have openly effect to heart and hemal health. He says: “The data that our institute obtains brings a the mainest message, it is people should inspect chocolate to be one of healthy food. “He expresses, chocolate can improve what blood reachs plaque to run, because it is had,one kind can prevent plaque group get together reach your blood more the material that free direct current uses.

Kaye points out, chocolate reachs the effect that haemal place produces to the heart, like be just as aspirin, can promote heart function. But he also complements specification, the effectiveness of chocolate not as good as aspirin, “Accordingly I am not to should say, people can abandon aspirin. People can abandon aspirin..

In Kaye’s experiment, the personnel that accepts a test is in drinkable a cup of extremely thick cocoa (the raw material that makes chocolate namely) later, in be as long as their plaque inside 6 hours group get together the circumstance drops greatly. The action of plaque is when people is injured at cut caky, prevent to bleed more than. But if be inside body caky reach group get together, can make blood current not free is suitable, affect health thereby.

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