How does the autumn take the world of cate of ability _ reducing weight

How does the autumn eat ability to reduce weight

2012-02-07 13:06:54

As the end of summer, lively the topic reducing weight of one summer wants again gradually by female people neglect. Actually, autumn winter season is the season that the person gains flesh the most easily, do not pay attention to precaution at that time fat, summer of spring of the coming year, reduce weight to want to become big difficult problem again. In the light of a certain number of doubt that autumn food reduces weight.

How does the autumn eat ability to reduce weight

Come on the stage expert brief introduction


The Ouma austral Chinese China spends division of nutrition of fine body center

CRYPTIS, it is the girl of a healthy beauty, big eye, very self-confident. She thinks, reduce weight, should be premise with health.

Q: Enter autumn, whether talk about the autumn to reduce weight from the angle of dietary nutrition a few notes?

A: In summer, to be warm, maw mouth is bad, a lot of people can eat little thing, and in autumn, dry,crisp air of autumn, so maw mouth also increases subsequently, eating thing is much, the person gains flesh easily also. Actually a person is met fat, it is because of what absorb everyday total quantity of heat is compared many what use up, ability can send fertilizer. Accordingly, in autumn, must control good food, cannot unlock appetite engorge, must eat nutrition, do not eat food of rubbish of tall adipose, tall caloric, choose the food of a few low fat. Overall say, the autumn reduces weight should notice these the following wanting that nod: Food wants diversification, but should control good amount; Eat vegetable, fruit more; Eat right amount fish, birds, egg, lean lean; Eat fat and lard less; Appetite and manual activity want to poise, hold right amount campaign everyday; Those who eat delicate, little salt is prandial.

Q: A lot of people do not eat dinner to reduce weight, so good? How should dinner eat ability to reduce weight?

A: Fat main reason is quantity of heat is absorbed be more than defray. Do not eat dinner, intestines and stomach is in hollow condition for long, go against health. But we also do not suggest dinner overfeeding, generally speaking, the caloric that the quantity of heat that dinner absorbs does not want to exceed round-the-clock need 25% . The metabolization activity of airframe can be reduced relatively in the late evening with digestive function, absorb overmuch food, meeting accumulation is in the stomach, digest not complete, produce all sorts of toxin; In addition, the insulin of human body is in nightly and many excretive, insulin can promote adipose synthesis, dinner absorbs quantity of heat overmuch, can change into a large number of adipose accumulation to rise. Dinner eats 7 minutes only full can.

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