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How to eat chaffy dish to prevent suffer from excessive internal heat?

2018-07-27 16:18:42

Chaffy dish is the cate that has deep love for by compatriots, although arrived summer, heat still is not decreased. Summer weather is torrid, how to have chaffy dish ability not suffer from excessive internal heat? How does anger leave after having chaffy dish?

1, the green tea that drink a dot

A cup of green tea is drunk after having chaffy dish, can solve after a hour fat return can pure and fresh tone, have the effect with next antiseptic fire. But tea cannot be drunk instantly after eating, because tannic acid is contained inside tea, be united in wedlock with protein, affect food to nurture is absorbed character and be used, circumstance of meeting occurrence constipation.

2, fruit taking a place

Take chaffy dish second half hour left and right sides eats fruit of a few cool sexes, can rise to digest fall igneous action, because chaffy dish is fatter,mix acrimony, eat a few slant the fruit of cold sex can be small fire, rise the following day blain won’t be risked on the face, still contain a lot ofvitamin C among them, avoid to eat meaty and occurrence acidity.

Taste bright chaffy dish

3, drink a cup of Wen Bai to leave

Take chaffy dish second half a cup of plain boiled water is drunk inside the hour, can promote peristalsis of the food inside intestines and stomach to digest, still can promote metabolism, avoid the salinity inside body overmuch, maintain balance of natrium of the Potassium in blood.

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