The world of cate of nutrient dish _ with winter baby cold of an emperor

The nutrient cooked food with winter baby cold of an emperor

2016-12-02 13:20:46

In the winter, it is all sorts of contagion send season more. To enhance the immune power of children, the child’s food is given priority to with high grade protein, in order to enhance the strength of children; In the meantime, compensatory mineral, vitamin, make up for the summer to perspire in great quantities brought loss; Proper complement contains the food with fast quantity of heat, increase quantity of heat to resist cold.

Can consider to increase on alimental choice a few wait for the flesh like beef, fish, chicken kind food or bean products; Food is adopted more on the method that make stew, fry, burn wait for a method, much a few more compensatory Shang Shui, in order to decrease delay climate dry the bad influence to the child. Of course, fresh fruit and vegetable are darling a year any time cannot uncared-for.

Have dumpling of egg of the chop that stew, shelled fresh shrimps for instance, in addition, still have the following good food pattern:

A thick soup of piscine mud bean curd

cruelly oppress abluent add salt, ginger, on mud of adult fish of spur, pound goes after evaporate of a pot for steaming food is ripe. Heat water join a few salt, put the tender bean curd that cuts small, boil hind joins piscine mashed vegetable or fruit, rejoin a few amylaceous, balm, chopped green onion is become mushy can. Cruelly oppress contains moisture content fiber of tall, flesh is short, digest easily absorb. Cruelly oppress and bean curd are high protein food, conduce to the strength that enhances children, the growth of stimulative children development.


A thick soup of emerald bean curd

Soup of green vegetables of pig blood bean curd

Bean curd cuts small, green vegetables is abluent stripping and slicing. After water leaves, join first a few dried small shrimps, salt, blood of rejoin bean curd, green vegetables, pig. Boil 3 minutes, add condiment to scatter on a few garlic leaves can. Pig blood is the outstanding food of filling iron, it is had contain iron to be absorbed richly, easily, good in quality and cheap in price wait for an advantage. Dried small shrimps contains many calcium, phosphor. Garlic can prevent a cold.

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