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New ground of mother milk feed: The child has mother milk to grow more good-lookingly

2017-06-30 13:42:17

It is good that the mother breeds feed still is milk powder feed very? According to France ” Feijialuo signs up for ” report, french doctor puts forward, mother milk feed can make the child facial growth is more balanced.

New ground of mother milk feed: Let the child grow more good-lookingly

The mother breeds the advantage of feed has reached consensus in medical bound, include more nutrition, reduce the child allergy, risk that overweight and has gastroenteritis. France tooth doctor Aidite Le Confucianism blame (Edith Lejoyeux) put forward, the mother breeds feed still can make facial development of the child more balanced.

The child from be born to one one full year of life this paragraph of time is to grow when growth is the rapiddest, weight can grow 3 times, height can grow 50% , cerebrum everyday weightening finish 2 grams, and facial development of the child as much rapid, so this paragraph of time had better be adopted most the feed means that is helpful for child development.

Doctor Le Ruyou holds to, want a condition to allow only, must use mother milk feed, the chin that lets the child can be normal development, after because the child is in,next gnathic positions when be born lean generally, nurse than using feeding bottle, the chin muscle that the mother breeds feed forces the child must more emphatically is sucked, make the child heavy in sucking a process model face, the muscle that lets glossal ministry, face ministry, lip ministry at the same time coordinates development.

Although breed the mother feed time lengthens half an year to come one year, can not eliminate child tooth completely to grow unusual possibility, serve as a kind of simple preventive nevertheless, in child tooth problem so general today, the mother breeds feed is worth to popularize.

The mother breeds feed still has these profit

Advantage of mother milk feed is great, besides can let the child grow good-lookingly, what still can make the child long is more healthy, be helpful for a puerpera at the same time healthy.

1, mother milk feed is helpful for infantile health growing. In mother milk especially colostrum, contain the rich nutrition that infantile place needs, it is the high grade breast that any dairy produce cannot replace, the baby can suck mother milk, growing to infantile health is very beneficial, it may be said is 100 beneficial harmless.

2, mother milk feed is helpful for a puerpera restoring healthy. New mother passes production, make the body, spirit produced change, if postpartum can use method of mother milk feed, the uterus that can help a lying-in woman restores to reduce the vagina to bleed, precautionary puerpera is postpartum and anaemic, stimulative body recovers. In the meantime, still conduce to defer new mother again pregnant period.

3, mother milk feed is helpful for enhancing power of infantile resistance, immunity. In breast having a parent, especially colostrum, the antibiotic that many baby needs is contained in breast, can fight infection. Disease-resistant person be any dairy produce, food cannot have other completely, it is mother milk is particular. Accordingly, the baby sucked mother milk, enhanced power of infantile resistance, immunity, make a baby little fall ill or do not fall ill.

4, mother milk feed is helpful for a baby digesting with healthy growth. Because mother milk has the advantage of many sided, and nutrition is balanced, deserve to compare optimal, it is the advantage that other food is not had or has not completely. Accordingly, use method of mother milk feed, it is helpful for infantile assimilation, be helpful for promoting infantile health growth, health grows.

5, mother milk feed can be reduced reduce infantile allergy phenomenon. Because mother milk is clean, safe, avirulent, without any side-effect, and have natural antibiotic, disease-resistant toxin, reason uses mother milk feed, can be reduced greatly and reduce the happening of all sorts of allergic phenomena of the baby. If use other substitute feed, produce sundry allergic phenomenon with respect to hard to avoid, bring about a baby to eat not sweet, sleep disturbed, life is unwell, influence baby health grows.

6, the machine rate that the mother breeds feed can reduce a female to contract ovarian cancer, breast cancer. Already the scientist passes investigation, statistic and analytic discovery, the parent the new mother of lacteal feed and feed of the breast that be not a mother is taken than be opposite, the machine rate that every used a mother to breed the new mother of feed contracts ovarian cancer, breast cancer should breed under blame use mother greatly the new mother of feed.

Lactation mother food is no-no

To assure the quality reach a standard that the mother breeds, lactation mom had better want to notice in dietary respect, avoid alcohol, caffein as far as possible.


Prohibit drinking between lactation, if drink need when alcohol eliminates completely galactic again sucking. Generally speaking, 5 degrees beer is drinkable 12 ounce (340 grams) , 11 degrees red wine is drinkable 5 ounce (142 grams) , 40 degrees firewater is drinkable 1.5 ounce (43 grams) platoon of need 2-3 hour is clean (inspect individual weight to have difference) . Will galactic after drink platoon discards for nothing of spirituosity galactic, but platoon sky is galactic the use uping that can not quicken alcohol.


Daily absorb coffeine drink not to exceed 2-3 cup, otherwise you are galactic medium caffein may stimulate darling and affect its Morpheus.


Seafood is very good protein and OMEGA-3 (contain DHA) fatty acid, mercury can be contained in most seafood however, absorb what contain mercury too much is galactic may affect baby neurological development.

The seafood that you can choose low mercury if can of fish of shrimp, 3 article, tuna and catfish, and if the seafood of high mercuric content is fish of shark, arrow, mackerel, square head fish should avoid as far as possible.

For the health of darling, mom still had better want to notice afore-mentioned food are no-no!

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