Pregnant Mom pregnancy must take the world of cate of _ of these 10 kinds of fish

Pregnant Mom pregnancy must have these 10 kinds of fish

2017-04-01 11:41:57

Many pregnant Mom like to have a fish, eat seafood, but pregnancy often suffers contaminative fish to perhaps pose the problem such as seafood allergy to prevent edible to arrive, often control pregnant Mom to have piscine kind. So what fish suits pregnant Mom to eat? Mix quickly small make up look together!

1, cuttlefish.

Blood of kidney of liver having grow, filling gas, clear stomach goes the function such as heat. It is the woman’s health food, have raise blood, bright eye, stimulate the menstrual flow, install embryo, benefit to produce, hemostatic, urge the function such as breast.

2, hairtail.

Have warm stomach, filling empty, lustre skin, dispel the wind, kill the function such as bug, filling the five internal organs, can use the auxiliary treatment of hepatitis of the ductility that make change, chronic hepatitis. Hepatitis patient uses what superstratum oil takes to feed after bright hairtail evaporate is ripe, long take ameliorable symptom.

3, grass carp.

Have the smooth liver dispel the wind function in warming the stomach is mixed, it is food of preserve one’s health of Wen Zhong filling empty.

4, snakeheaded fish.

Have fill lienal benefit water, go Yu gives birth to the function such as kidney of new, clear hot dispel the wind, filling liver. Red jujube of snakeheaded fish and ginger is boiled feed auxiliary to treating tuberculosis to have action. Snakeheaded fish and brown sugar are stewed take can treat nephritis. The puerpera feeds steamed snakeheaded fish to be able to urge breast to enrich the blood.

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