Modern man food the world of cate of 9 element _

Modern man food 9 element

2012-02-07 14:12:33

The man is stronger than the woman, they are hefty, need uses up more quantity of heat. Next, cholesterol metabolization of the man often is destroyed, accordingly they have high blood pressure easily, be short of the disease such as heart disease of courage and uprightness, apoplectic, miocardial infarction. For this, american scholars sum up a food technically for men 9 element.

Modern man food 9 element

1, the chromium that edible measures certainly. Chromium conduces to the metabolization of stimulative cholesterol, enhance the staying power of airframe, additional, it still can promote sarcous to generate below certain body condition, avoid redundant and adipose. Middleaged man needs the chromium of 50 microgramme one day at least, and the man with those vivid older momentum needs one day 100, the chromium of 200 microgramme. The chromium of such dosage is very difficult get from inside food, the medicaments preparation that because this proposal men are taken,contains chromium (if compound vitamin is mixed mineral) or drinkable beer.

2, edible is full of plant fibrous food. Plant fibrous main effect depends on can quickening alvine peristalsis, reduce cholesterol and certain bravery salt, reduce the dextrose in blood and fat acid, have the effect of step-down, still can eliminate certain carcinogen additionally, avoid to contract rectum cancer. The person ate food of rich plant fibrous to be able to have full distensible feeling, need not fear stockpile is superfluous again quantity of heat, accordingly it still has the effectiveness that reduce weight. Proposal man every time the edible when have dinner 18, fiber of 20 grams plant. Main food has rich plant fibrous bread of wheat bran, whole wheat, cabbage, potato, carrot, apple, lettuce, beautiful dish, celery.

3, edible contains magnesian food. Magnesium conduces to adjust heart activity of the person, reduce the heart disease of blood pressure, precaution, fecundity that raises a man. Proposal man breakfast should eat 2 bowls of oatmeal that add milk and a banana. Contain the food with more magnesium to have the soja, potato that bake, walnutmeat, oatmeal, macaroni, Xie Cai and sea product.

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