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Warm body cookbook makes hands or feet not frozen

2013-12-19 12:21:51

Guide language: “Very cold! ” winter blames sound via what regular meeting hears a woman, especially southern winter, not only chill still rains, really those who show character is cool! For heat preservation, females wear the dress and motion besides how daily outside, notice dietary complement quantity of heat even. Recipe of 5 warm bodies is recommended below, it is very important to have a warmth!

One, tea tree stay of proceedings stews flesh of braise in soy sauce

Practice: Pig steaky pork, tea tree stay of proceedings (dry) , fried bean curd, green ginger garlic, salt, candy, gallinaceous essence, soy, chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cassia bark.

1, stripping and slicing of pig steaky pork, scald water; Stay of proceedings of will dry tea tree rushs with clear water, use cold water bubble next, we are taking the water of stay of proceedings of bubble tea tree.

2, remove boiler to pour oil, sugar is put when oil has not burned heat, fry candy color, stir-fry before stewing of steaky pork chromatically is put to fry after been fry, drench soy.

3, the water that before we are being entered after the five flavor that put preparation and green ginger garlic fry a fragrance, make tea cultivates stay of proceedings, (If water is adding some of water) not quite, salt is added after water leaves, small fire is stewed boil a hour, after a hour, the tea tree stay of proceedings with put bubble good and fried bean curd boil half hour to had been done.

Effect: Compensatory vitamin, enhance cold-resistant power

2, a round mass of food of wax gourd quick-boil

Practice: Hotpot, wax gourd, vermicelli made from bean starch, caraway, egg white, flavoring.

1, hotpot puts the agitate in mixer to become meat stuffing, put into big bowl, transfer into cooking wine, salt, soy, pink of the five spices, mix is even, put green ginger end, continue agitate, put the egg white of an egg and a few starch, along same a direction (suitable hour hand or anticlockwise) , fast agitate, hit meat stuffing energetically.

2, wax gourd flay goes seed, cut thick piece. Caraway cuts end. Green is cut end and paragraph, ginger section and end.

3, vermicelli made from bean starch uses hot water bubble soft, reserve.

4, clear water is entered in boiler, put Jiang Pian, conflagration heats, after water leaves, turn small fire, burn the Tu Yi on the hand oil, put chopped meat proceed with the centre of the palm, fist, in letting the ring that meat stuffing forms from thumb and forefinger, squeeze piece, form a round mass of food, put into water next, after waiting for the last a round mass of food to be squeezed, cast aside with ladle go the float foam in boiler. Turn conflagration.

5, enter wax gourd piece, after boiling 3 minutes, put the vermicelli made from bean starch with soft bubble, boil.

6, transfer into salt, white pepper and balm, agitate a few can, in filling a bowl, scatter on caraway.

Effect: Compensatory quantity of heat, increase energy

3, turnip onion soup

Practice: Red turnip, onion.

1, clean carrot and onion section bubble a little while, after frying onion into transparent shape with olive oil, rejoin carrot continues stir-fry before stewing is fried.

2, join soup-stock boil, add a few to flavor again salt. Everyday lunch perhaps drinks 200 milliliter when dinner, hold to for a long time, can improve cold-blooded condition.

Effect: Carrot can enhance physical strength and immune power, activation is splanchnic function and blood move, achieve the effect with splanchnic, warm body, alimentary recuperation thereby. And onion not only can fall hematic fat, arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure, still have distinct antiseptic effect, can enhance strength likewise.

4, soup of ovine chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen

Warm body cookbook makes hands or feet not frozen

Practice: Abdomen of lung of Yang Xin, sheep, sheep, Yang Chang each 50 grams; Valve of powder of end of green silk, ginger, Jiang Pian, garlic, garlic each 20 grams; Chinese prickly ash 10 grams; Caraway end 10 grams

1, the sheep miscellaneous add thick salt to catch with starch fine, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean repeatedly.

2, the sheep miscellaneous in putting bowl, add water right amount, salt of valve of silk of rejoin Chinese prickly ash, green, Jiang Pian, garlic, 5 grams, boil to waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall of the fish out after 9 maturity,

3, after waiting for ovine miscellaneous spreading for cooling, cut small.

4, on boiler buy fire, put hotpot thin soup, 5 grams salt mixes devoted ginger end, garlic powder, cooking wine, the rest the sheep is miscellaneous.

5, small fire turns after water is burned, cast aside go float foam, add vinegar and gourmet powder to flavor, ripe hind scatter pepper and divide evenly of caraway end companion again can.

Effect: Weather becomes cold gradually, qiu Dong drinks on one bowl of acerbity acid hot boiling water of hot ovine chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen, very warm body. This Shangyou enrichs the blood the warm body, effect that raises Yan Jiang body, fit limb most cold Wei is cold, anaemic person edible.

5, bean curd burns Chinese cabbage

Practice: Fresh a variety of Chinese cabbage, bean curd.

1, a variety of Chinese cabbage the chop after water of abluent, filter, bean curd is mincing, reserve.

2, Jiang Si puts oil explode inside boiler a fragrance, put a variety of Chinese cabbage next, add right amount salt to fry to after becoming angry, rejoin bean curd, break up fry even.

3, probably after a minute, can add right amount water or soya-bean milk, bell of the dichotomy after boil involves fire, drench again on a few balm is become namely.

Effect: Rich vitamin B2 is contained in bean curd, can decrease to work at ordinary times, the caloric inside the body when the activity is fast be lost, not only conduce to maintain energy, still can help you increase cold-resistant capacity.

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