Filling kidney, the world of cate of more important to the woman _

Filling kidney, more important to the woman

2015-01-24 13:31:03

Guide language: “Male liver is afraid of an injury, female kidney is afraid of an injury ” compare a man, the woman is easier kidney empty. And January is a year in the coldest day, gas of human body this world is the weakest, right now filling kidney can adjust the ability that the body gets used to cold winter. To the woman, kidney is beautiful foundation, it is healthy assurance. How does that fill kidney? Health is small make up what recommend 4 kinds of not beautiful fund for everybody to fill kidney square, look rapidly.

In theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the liver of the five internal organs of human body, heart, lienal, lung, kidney, part wood of corresponding the five elements, fire, earth, gold, water, corresponding natural season is spring, summer, long summer, autumn, winter. So the key of wintry day preserve one’s health is ” raise kidney to prevent cold ” .

Traditional medicine thinks, kidney is a priori this, the source of life, essence having Tibet advocate water, advocate the function of bone unripe marrow, so kidney enrages plentiful, energetic, bones and muscles is able-bodied, walking is light, state of mind is sharp, kidney enrages deficit criterion in relief deficiency of vital energy to lose, lumbar genu aching and limp, easy feeling chill, unripe disease.

Winter kidney function is normal, adjustable human body gets used to the change of severe winter, otherwise, can make metabolism maladjusted and cause a disease. So, winter notices pair of kidneys maintaining is very important.

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