Fall effectively the world of cate of _ of 5 kinds of civilian food of hematic fat

Fall effectively 5 kinds of civilian food of hematic fat

2016-09-19 13:39:51

Living conditions is good, suffer from on the person of disease of tall blood fat is much also. For everybody introduction 5 kinds can drop the food of hematic fat today, in the meantime, these civilian food prices are relatively low, most person eats to rise.

Gram bud: cholesterol the platoon goes out

Gram itself is a kind fall very well cholesterol food, and sprout in it in the process, vitamin C can achieve gram former content of 67 times. Many vitamin C can promote cholesterol to excrete, prevent its to be in arterial wall deposit.

The prandial fiber of gram bud, can help the rubbish inside cleared body, OK still with food medium cholesterol photograph is united in wedlock, and its outside body of eduction of translate into cholic acid, reduce cholesterol level thereby.

Pleasant of flavour of gram bud sex is cool, contain a lot ofmoisture, still can solve be bored with to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, it is the cole of fat of attune reducing weight of rare.

Apple: Absorb redundant cholesterol

The apple is people of easy negligence ” fall fat fruit ” , its fall fat action results from what abound among them is pectic, this is a kind of water-solubility prandial fiber, can be united in wedlock with biliary acid, absorb redundant cholesterol and triglyceride like sponge, outside helping its eduction system.

Pectic still can fall with other the material of cholesterol, if the union such as vitamin C, fructose is together, increase thereby fall hematic fat effect. In addition, the second acid that the apple decomposes also is helpful for the catabolism of cholesterol and triglyceride.

3 article fish: Fall triglyceride is ace

Rich not saturated fatty acid is contained in 3 article fish, can reduce level of the triglyceride in blood, can lift high density spends lipoprotein cholesterol, enhance hemal flexibility. In fresh water fish, carp dispute often is worth to recommend fall grease food.

Although the carp is adipose content is higher, but it is not saturated fatty acid for the most part, can help remove blood vessel ” rubbish ” , reduce cholesterol.

Kind the cholesterol content of shellfish is different, scallop, clam contains cholesterol inferior, but right amount edible, shrimp, crab, squid contains cholesterol taller, had better eat less.

Flay chicken: But take out is major adipose

Wait for red meat than pig, ox, sheep, the birds flesh that contains more not saturated fatty acid (plain boiled pork) suit the confluence with hematic unusual fat more of course.

Flay must remember when eating birds meat nevertheless, among them the optimal origin that chicken is protein, flay but of take out majority adipose, it is the first selection in birds flesh.

But duck and goose although flay, still contain more adipose, want to eat less. Birds egg kind yoke contains a lot ofcholesterol, albumen does not contain cholesterol basically.

Earthnut: Plant sterol defeats cholesterol

Rich plant sterol is contained in earthnut, this is the one steroid compound of a kind of widespread in dried fruit presence, can produce competitive effect with cholesterol, restrain the human body absorption to cholesterol thereby, reduce haemal cholesterol level.

In addition, beautiful survival contains a lot ofthe nutrient composition such as not saturated fatty acid, choline, lecithin, can make the cholesterol inside human body is decomposed outside be body of biliary acerbity eduction.

Walnutmeat, sesame seed, almond, filbert also is to suit hematic fat very much the small snacks of unusual confluence edible, rich linoleic acid and lecithin are contained in sesame seed for instance, can reduce the cholesterol in blood, sesame seed element can restrain the absorption of cholesterol and synthesis, improve the condition with hematic exorbitant fat.

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