The put together jointly owned of yam raises the world of value _ cate

The put together jointly owned of yam raises value

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≮ yam Sweet Potato ≯

Weigh sweet potato, sweet potato, pachyrhizus, sweet potato to wait again, in botanical the official name that go up makes sweet potato, it is crop of a kind of root tuber, it is the 3rd kind of main and vegetable crop of world (potato and cassava reside crop of world main vegetable respectively the first mix the 2nd) . Its smell is sweet, nutrition is rich, digest easily again, can furnish a large number of heat energy, so some areas regard staple food as it.

≯ of ≮ nutrition value

Compare with ripe potato, ripe yam is contained about equal quantity of heat, less protein and vitamin C, and more vitamin A. Yam is one of main plant origin of vitamin A.

The yam root tuber of confiture compares the root tuber that did not add candy to be able to supply the quantity of heat of about 50% more.

≮ is right disease and healthy influence ≯

The protein quality of yam is high, the nutrition in can making up for rice, flour is short of break, often edible can raise human body to be opposite the utilization rate of the nutrition in staple food, make a person healthy, prolong life.

The cellulose that contains in yam is more, very beneficial to promoting a stomach to bowel wriggles and prevent constipation, also can use remedial haemorrhoid and anal fissure to wait, also have certain effect to preventing rectum cancer and colonic cancer.

Dehydrogenation expresses male steriod ketone is the part with yam particular place, this kind of material prevents cancer to lengthen life again already, it is a kind of as similar as hormone of adrenal place excretive steroid. Foreign scholar says for ” pinchbeck hormonal ” , can restrain the happening of breast cancer and colonic cancer effectively.

Yam has special protective effect to mucous membrane of human body organ, what can restrain cholesterol is deposit, preserve hemal flexibility, the connective tissue in preventing liver kidney is atrophic, prevent the happening of collagen disease.

Yam is a kind of good food reducing weight. Yam has the rice caloric 1/3 of same amount only, and still contain a lot ofcellulose and pectic, have prevent candy to separate the special function with adipose translate into.

≯ of avoid of ≮ food appropriate

Yam contains aerification enzymatic, the heartburn, water that spit acid, abdomen can happen to bilge sometimes after eating the phenomenon such as exhaust, but should fasten overfeeding only, and with rice face tie-in move eats, match with pickles or drink order dishes soup can avoid. The yam with cool edible also can send epigastrium unwell.

Yam produces acid in the stomach, the patient with gastric ulcer and so overmuch hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is unfavorable edible.

The yam that contains shading and gemmiparous yam can make philtrum poisonous, cannot edible.

The rootstock such as yam kind vegetable contains a large number of starch, can machine edible of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, but often can join in the process that make aluminous, if cross much edible to be able to bring about aluminium be inside body save up, go against health.

≮ choose and buy, save the methodological ≯ with edible

The yam of high quality should be outside clean, smooth, shapeliness, hard with what shine.

The yam of strong gains hurts processing through healing, can save better. Hurting processing more is in holding yam in temperature to be 30 ℃ and relative humidity to be the equipment of 85% about about, these conditions can promote the heal of yam small cut. Even if undertakes carefully be hurtinged more handling, deposit after 7 months, the attaint extent of yam also is met from 20% the left and right sides rises to 80% the left and right sides, we are accordingly unfavorable buy many yam, lest deteriorate.

The yam that thoroughly cook can make yam doing, preserved fruit, can; Unripe yam can make amylaceous, candy, syrup, potato piece.

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