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Do you know the effect of firedrake fruit a few kinds?

2017-05-15 16:04:10

Firedrake fruit is fruity a kind, its nutrient value or pretty are tall, effect is exceedingly distinct! So what effect does firedrake fruit have? Commendatory firedrake fruit method reducing weight whether so effective?

The effect of firedrake fruit

1, the effect that reduce weight

Firedrake fruit contains a lot ofrich prandial fiber, prandial fiber is contained in fruit of every 100g firedrake 1.9 grams. Prandial fiber can add full abdomen touch of the person already, can lap again the food in intestines and stomach, reduce human body to be opposite adipose absorption, achieve the goal that controls weight thereby. Still can very good eliminate constellation.

2, the effect that excludes oedema

In firedrake fruit every 100 contain potassium 350 milligram. Potassium can remove the redundant natrium inside body and moisture, because salinity is overmuch and those who cause is the moisture inside body, fat,avoid.

3, counteractive freedom base, prevent cancer effect

The cyanine element that contains a lot ofin firedrake fruit is had very strong fight oxidisability, can effective resistance is free base, disease of precautionary cancer, heart and vessels, old age is gawkish and the disease such as cataract.

Flesh of firedrake fruit sweet vinegar

4, the effect that has a poison, relieve internal heat or fever

Albumin is contained a lot ofin firedrake fruit, albumin can be united in wedlock automatically with the heavy metal toxin inside human body, and its outside eduction body, have a poison, alexipharmic effect, still have certain protective effect to gastric wall.

5, have the United States’ white effect

Vitamin C is contained a lot ofin firedrake fruit, have the effect of very good beautiful white skin.

Feed capable person with what firedrake fruit matchs aptly

Long Guo and milk eat together; Can bowel of clear hot detoxify, embellish is aperient;

Firedrake fruit and medlar eat together; Can enrich the blood raise colour;

Firedrake fruit and shrimp eat together; Can disappear heat goes dry, stomachic;

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