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Does meal hind eat orange?

2017-06-08 18:00:49

Orange is one of common food in daily life. So does orange eat what to profit there is after you know a meal? Internal medicine of the first accessary hospital Professor Yang Xiaogong introduces university of medicine of Guangzhou traditional Chinese medical science, overall for, the vitamin C with the rich content in orange, P, can increase airframe strength, add the flexibility of blood capillary, disease of tall blood fat, hypertensive, arteriosclerosis person often eat orange place of beneficial; orange contains cellulose and pectic material, can promote alvine path peristalsis, be helpful for clear bowel aperient, eliminate put oneself in another’s position inside harmful material.

Orange flavour pleasant, acerbity, the gender is cool, bright tableware has pass the time in a leisurely way phlegmy fall gas, in mixing appetizing, wide midriff be good at lienal, sober up stops the effect such as constipation of thirsty, prevention and cure. Orange or water orange juice are fed after normal person meal, have remove fat, disappear accumulating is fed, stop the action of thirsty, sober up.

The effect of orange cake and orange are identical, the orange in if home does not eat, can oneself make orange cake, staying to eat slowly. Orange cake practice is: Delimit orange with the penknife a certain number of mouths, enter clear water dip 2 days, purify is acerb flavour. Wait for soft, take out squeeze a nucleus, again dip 1 ~ 2 days, after be being taken out, into boiler clear water is boiled rot to 78 minutes, heat is taken the advantage of to mix after giving boiler white sugar, insolate day, the dissolve that need sugar and, again mix into is basked in again, make take sufficient candy, enter a place of strategic importance doing candy orange abdomen again finally inside summary squash, store up into bottle or canister reserve.

Yang Xiaogong reminds everybody, anteprandial or hollow when unfavorable edible orange, the organic acid that contains because of place can stimulate gastric mucous membrane, adverse to the stomach; eats orange around does not drink milk inside 1 hour, because the protein in milk encounters fruit acid,meet caky, the influence is digested absorb.

○ is small remind

Feed orange to be sent easily more ” orange is ill “

The orange such as overmuch edible orange kind the fruit can be caused toxic, occurrence hand, sufficient and even systemic skin becomes yellow, serious person still can appear disgusting, vomiting, be agitated, spirit is depressed wait for a symptom, namely common people often says ” orange is ill ” , call on medicine ” carotene blood disease ” . Do not require treatment commonly, should stop only eat this kind of food to be able to improve.

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