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Milk has nutrition, these errors should be careful

2017-09-05 15:38:53

Everybody knows to drink milk very much to the advantage of the body, but drink milk to also a few item need to notice, Milk is the nourishment that a lot of friends can drink everyday, follow below small make up will understand next errors that drink milk what to have. What does the error that drinks milk have? Understand together below!

1, hollow drink milk

We know hollow cannot drink milk, but still many people become milk breakfast, often be in hollow when drink, the gastric juice chroma of the body is right now exorbitant, the protein in drinking a grandma to often can let a grandma at that time condenses into lump inside the stomach, such word meets those who affect body protein to absorb, create the unwell sense of gastric ministry likely still.

So, everybody wants to notice, the milk had better be drunk after the meal, perhaps take a few starch when drinking a milk kind food, the assimilation with promoting milk and absorb.

2, thinking milk adds an egg is best combination

The protein content of both is higher, full abdomen feels strong, after eating often anything else of not feel like eating. The dextrose that the job, study needs is lacked inside human body right now, bring about you to be in drowsy in the morning. Milk of proposal breakfast collocation, biscuit adds fruit vegetables or egg, porridge adds fruit vegetables.

3, milk is drunk when water

The person that our country likes to drink milk is absent a few, it is good to the body that everybody thinks to drink milk more, but, having not little person often is drink milk when water, such doing is incorrect actually, because, in complete fat milk, in having 3% about, contain bad adipose, this kind adipose often be regarded as to bring about sex of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, thrombus cancer of apoplectic, breast, large intestine the bases of rectum cancer and prostate cancer.

Proposal adult drinks 200~300ml everyday (a cup or so) , everyday of milk products absorb gross to cannot exceed 500ml.

4, like the milk that drink ice

A lot of people like the milk that drink ice when weather is torrid, often be take from inside freezer drink directly, but, drinking milk so actually can produce stimulative effect to our intestines and stomach, the problem that because put milk on the ice to want to compare the milk of normal temperature to bring about body lactose more easily to not be able to bear or endure,gets, still can absorb nutrition to produce adverse result to the body.

5, milk takes drug

Take drug with milk, the mineral ionic meeting such as the calcium in milk and magnesium and medicaments happening chemistry react, make medicaments surface forms Fu easily velar, this reduced medical effect not only, cause a harm possibly still to the body. The around that take drug also had better not drink a milk inside each 1~2 hour.

These people cannot drink milk

Although milk is very good, apply to major person, but also not be everybody,suit drinkable, so what does the edible contraindication of milk have?

1, patient of disease of ulcer of sexual anaemia, enteron, cholecystitis, pancreatitis is unfavorable and drinkable; Taste Xu Han makes the have diarrhoea, phlegmy wet person that accumulate drink careful take.

2, the person that contacts lead: The lactose in milk can make lead absorb the saving inside human body, cause lead poisoning easily, accordingly, the person that often contacts lead is unfavorable and drinkable milk, can change drink yogurt, because yogurt is medium lactose is few, already became lactic acid more.

3, do not be able to bear or endure the person that suffer, milk is allergic person, the patient after returning patient of esophagitis drifting a gender, abdominal cavity and stomach to excise an operation as far as possible little edible.

When is milk drunk best to the body

A lot of people do not know when to drink pure milk best, such word can bring about the nutrition in milk very likely to be wasted for nothing, possible still even meeting affects human body health. So, when is pure milk drunk best?

Somebody thinks to drink the time with pure best milk is in the morning, because there is the figure of milk in the breakfast of this a lot of people. 8-9 dot drinks milk in the morning really very good, when because this moment is human body,needing a large number of nutrition.

But, a lot of people do not know to drink pure milk time best actually should be in the late evening, because one kind is contained to be able to make the person produces acid of ammonia of choose of tired sleepy biochemistry in milk,this is, still have rich minim herion besides kind material. These material have very good composed and hypnotic effect, have very good stimulative effect to Morpheus.

Especially the lubricious ammonia in milk is acerbity, it is the main raw material of color of cerebrum synthesis hydroxide more, and the effect that 5 hydroxide lubricious amine is having a key to cerebrum Morpheus, accordingly, drink pure milk to be helpful for improving Morpheus quality not only in the evening, still have very good filling calcium effect at the same time, it is the best time that drinks milk.

A lot of old people have insomnious case via regular meeting, this moment should drink some of milk more in the late evening more, among them calcic OK and cleared intense sentiment. Because this milk is right the Morpheus of old people is more beneficial, when drinking the optimal answer with best milk should be in the late evening.

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