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You cannot think of the effect that takes a surname in the winter far

2017-12-12 14:31:35

Common saying says ” the winter eats turnip summer to take a surname ” the meaning is summer taking a surname have profit, but cannot that looks conversely even if take a surname in the winter? Eat Jiang Ruguo to use in the winter actually was opposite method, you want to be less than the effect greatly, in the use ginger with correct winter, let your more healthy hibernate!

In ginger bosom is being contained in 1. mouth, warm

In the winter when, air is especially other and cold, if we rise in the morning,go to work, go urgently, can suck the air conditioning of skinful occasionally, some people can feel the stomach begins even afflictive.

” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account: “Early travel hill goes, appropriate contains, do not make mist show humid air and hill haze miasma clear. ” people can go out in the morning when, section ginger, containing in the mouth, let saliva mix with ginger juice slowly, swallow next, get on for a place, jiang Pian slowly chew, spit perhaps swallow, can make prothorax maintains a central heating so, do not suffer outside the influence of chill.

Soup of brown sugar ginger

Foot of 2. ginger bleb but drive is cold

Ginger belongs to medicine of Xin Wen induce sweat on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, have the effect of dispel cold induce sweat, and poisonous side-effect is lesser. Modern medicine thinks ginger can stimulate blood capillary, improve local blood circulation and metabolism. Winter can choose to use ginger bubble base. If cold-blooded symptom is heavier, but the dosage that take into consideration the circumstances increases ginger. With ginger bleb foot after period of time, cold-blooded symptom can get the improvement of certain level commonly.

Take commonly 15, the ginger of 30 grams (the ginger that is moderate volume about half) , pat its flat, put into boiler to add water of smaller part boiler, lid of the boiler on the lid uses hot water to boil on 10 minutes or so. After been boil, teem of all ginger water, join right amount cold water to be controlled to 40 ℃ (it is advisable to be ironed with feeling commonly) . The water when bubble foot should have done not have malleolar ministry, double foot of rub of edge of best edge bubble.

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