How does flesh of head braise in soy sauce do the Pu Yu of practice _ Li of flesh of braise in soy sauce of Li riverside taro the Suo Nianzhen of _ of practice of the daily life of a family of flesh of braise in soy sauce of taro of _ Li riverside [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Lubricious beautiful pork is fresh.


Steaky pork2 jins, Li riverside taro, BeerListen partly, salt, Rock candy, Soy, PepperyPink, GingerRight amount


steaky pork abluent stripping and slicing, iron with boiled water scald, fish out is abluent.

Flay of Li riverside taro is abluent cut chunk.

Have oily pot, put crystal sugar, rock candy is burned to light coffee color, add steaky pork, taro to break up fry chromatically.

Add conflagration of half canister beer, soy, pepper, ginger, right amount clear water to be burned.

Turn small fire, build stew 2 hours to come the flesh is soft.

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