The Kong Ling of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the practice _ sweet meatball of sweet meatball cooks _ sweet meatball is installed [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Material: ? Φ of ⒓ of Xi  Suan gathers up?nbsp; of  of ┸ of small ⑤ of ⒋ of exemplarying two of Shi of ⒑ of mansion of Sui ⒚ Di All material chop, break better more.    Mix the material of chop one case mix is even.    Make it small a round mass of food, go up a pot for steaming food with respect to OK.


ThinFlesh of essence of life250 grams, The egg is clear1, Flour250 grams, Red turnipRight amount, green is right amount, Water chest nut. Right amount


1. makes good small a round mass of food

2. red turnip, water chest nut, unripe pink

The stuff with 3. good chop

4. thin pork wrings mud

5. egg takes egg white

The stuff with 6. good agitate

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