The Wei Nianlou of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the biscuit of anadem of practice _ festival of festal anadem biscuit makes bread of _ festival anadem [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
  Want to become Christmas biscuit do sth for the occasion originally, but do not have red green cherry, be forced to use spun sugar so below adornment, also calculate flowery, although do not calculate,go up Christmas biscuit, but the atmosphere that still has bit of red-letter day breaths out ~


DoughMaterial: , fine saccharic 1 big spoon, dryYeasty1 small spoon, milliliter of Wen Shui 115-120, Butter10 grams, Tall muscle facePink200 grams, inside stuffing: , CinnamonicPink is right amount, Currant25 grams, exterior adornment: , Spun sugarRight amount, Silver bead candyRight amount


1. does yeasty dissolve Yu Wenshui, with except butter material puts the other dough beyond together to knead dough, join butter again knead slowly into dough, can pull a film to dough (knead smooth bouncy Yi Ke as far as possible)

The dough with good 2. puts warm and wet place to undertake fermenting for the first time to 2.5 times more original big left and right sides

3. kneads good dough to be taken out, fall to be discharged gently with palmar pressing go major air, a few is scattered to do flour on chopping board, become dough roll about 19CM is wide, a when 32CM grows the left and right sides long side piece, a margin that cuts next 1CM width left and right sideses put reserve aside

4. face piece on scatter on right amount and cinnamonic pink, like a few sweeter can scatter some of candy pink again fine perhaps saccharic, scatter the currant that has handled in the face again piece on

5. general face piece furl, coiling the face to be become from the incision intermediate with small knife 2 half, but stay directly about length of 2CM left and right sides does not dissection, coil two areas that had cut across is twisted roll be in, terminal point is held lane, coil noodle on chopping board to be in rub one rub, twist give again do strip a few, encircle next cricoid, interface place is held lane, jackknife of model of 5 eggs tower is together or the model of other and proper size, with tinfoil the bag rises, put cricoid in the center of

The dough that 6. trims good figure is put bake dish on, put warm and wet place to undertake the 2nd times fermenting to 2 times more original big left and right sides, take out bake dish, will before cut that noodle below into parts, rub becomes a round strip, redo becomes bowknot, put to annular dough, press a little press

7. oven warm-up 190 degrees, oven middle-level is controlled 20 minutes, after beginning chromatically, take out bread, cut spun sugar into proper size, put go up in biscuit, putting into oven roast 3-5 or so minutes, wait for spun sugar and biscuit cling, biscuit chromatically is enough can give heat, other perhaps tool can be shovelled to press spun sugar with cake after giving heat, arrange a little, place a few silver again bead candy makes decoration can

Small hang

1. first time ferments, dip in with finger dry flour, insert into dough, if small hole is answered very quickly,shrink to ferment half-baked, ferment conversely finish; Hot water can be put in boiler, or microwave oven, water gives off heat in oven, need barmy dough puts the recipient that size suits, unconscious last film, put in boiler, bottom of outfit doughy container does not want hot water of direct bring into contact with, a bowl can be filled up below or evaporate wearing, also can be in microwave oven perhaps operates first time to ferment in oven 2. When setting egg tower standard, the model volume that puts among allows with be almost with the dimensional size among annular dough

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