Climate Heroes Crash through Climate Silence …

June 28, 2018 1 0Comments

Consider …

Consider … the near silence amid the election campaign on climate change. Our present — and our future — i南京休闲会所论坛

s at serious risk; this is an all-perva高端按摩娱乐网站

ding issue that relates to every element of society; and it is an arena of stark political difference that plays to Democratic Party advantage. And, yet … crickets of climate silence.

Amid the silence, some politicians are actually doing what leaders should do: leading. They are speaking out on climate issues and crashing through the climate silence. Laying out climate challenges and highlighting the opportunities created by confronting these challenges. These politicians merit a simple title:

Climate Heroes.

There is a chance to bring to the fore that we want — we need — to see more Climate Heroes in our political class. We want — we need — more leadership in our political elite and in political offices when it comes to climate disruption.

Learn more about Climate Heroes here.

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